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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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Clearly a typo. As in the 1st sentence of the paragraph below it says "Wingrider." In any case glad to see that B&M has thought "outside of the box."

I can see CF and SF purchasing at least 1 each. Cedar Point 2012?

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So glad I chose to spend my year abroad in Bologna - I unintentionally put myself pretty much at an equidistant point between Gardaland (and this beast) and Mirabilandia in Rimini. I also happen to live in Southwest London so I will be close to Thorpe Park when they get theirs next year


I've got to say though that at the moment (and obviously this is highly speculative) I am slightly more excited about Raptor than LC12. The first inversion/drop on LC12 looks interesting but beyond that I don't see anything which really has me intrigued. Raptor has the possibility of producing some airtime (fingers crossed) and in general looks a bit more compact, with tighter transitions and more 'flow' generally. I think the success of both the rides will hinge dramatically upon their respective theming, which already looks great for Raptor and (from the plans anyway) seems pretty extensive for LC12.


Definitely planning get out there in during its opening week to get some pictures of it up close.


EDIT: stupidly forgot this thing had changed its name from "X Raptor" to just "Raptor"

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ok here is my (tentative) attempt at translating the captions at the bottom of the pictures:


1.An example of the attraction’s trains, in which you are suspended over the sides of the track.


2. Careful work over the detail and painting is absolutely critical in the creation of the theme.


3. Whilst the laboratory (science station?) includes other elements that trains will dodge at the last minute.


4. And a huge burnt tree split in half is flown straight through.


5. The entrance, for example, will appear very imposing to people “not authorized to enter”


6. As well as a bridge under which “the creature” will pass in the midst of a bog enveloped under a blanket of fog


They are pretty much just descriptions of the pictures. It does not (I don't think) elaborate on the nature of the 'waterfall' or how that might operate.


Apologies in advance to any Italian readers outraged by my translation

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GREAT! I wish they would make one for KRAKE too,.. but well i know.. it´s too short for a real Donkey.

Nice work! I like what the video brings to me .. *wehee feelings and a good looking, smooth ride.


Thank you for the link! Raptor at Gardaland will be a great ride

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Looks amazing. B&M seems to have sped up their lifts. The videos or Krake and Raptor I've seen show trains going up the lift incredibly fast.


YEAH!!! I agree. Not the badest idea, i think =D

Better than a lift like a *never ending story* before the pain begins (uhmm,.. some Vekoma - halloween -coasters, i´ve seen in some pov´s, have some kind of this ones)


I do like fast lifts.

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