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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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Just found rumors about a slash zone on youtube


ma ci sarà anche una zona splash tipo Manta?

10elode vor 1 Tag


@10elode yes

paolobrescio vor 1 Tag


but there will be a splash zone type Manta?

10elode vor 1 Tag


@ 10elode yes

paolobrescio vor 1 Tag

Bullsh*t or truth ?? You are the judge

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Even though the scenery interacts with the ride in a cool way, I don't think you will be able to notice it in that in-line twist at all because the tower is exactly below the track. Reminds me of the way Tatsu goes around the tower, everyone thought it would be awesome, but when you ride, you just don't notice it.

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Today Gardaland sent out another e-mail to people on the Raptor mailing list. I'll summarise what Google Translate says:


It explains that the course of the ride will be littered with obstacles such as the lookout tower that we've already seen a picture of, a tree which has been split in half, a bridge, fog and pillars. There will be wetlands, forests (with many felled trees) and rocks.


The train is a ruthless predator - a winged Raptor that was woken from hibernation during the construction of the ride. It now wants revenge on humans and will abduct anyone who tries to tame it, dragging them on an extreme flight through devastated lands! The underground station is themed to an industrial government research laboratory.


The ride opens on 1st April 2011, although there is an ongoing online competition (as has been mentioned here already) to be amongst the first 23 riders on a special preview on 31st March 2011.


[Edited to correct preview date]

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From Screamscape:


2011 - Raptor - (2/16/11) Gardaland has released an incredible new graphic to Screamscape showing off the frightening details to be found on the new Raptor coaster train. What is an even bigger surprise however is what seems to be a totally new restraint system from B&M to be used on the trains. It appers to be an OTS style system… but with a very open set of shoulder bars to give you a very open feeling. Lets hope that this is an accurate concept picture and not just the photoshop dream.

The park has also sent in the storyline for the coaster, which involves Raptor as being an unknown winged creature awoken from an ancient slumber by the construction crews. “It is ferocious, merciless, enormous, fast, powerful, invincible... It kidnaps anyone trying to tame it by dragging them into an extreme flight through enormous arid forests and devastated lands. To make the experience even more extreme there will a long series of obstacles which will be avoided only at the last second.”

“The starting point of RAPTOR will draw inspiration from a governmental industrial style research lab, located in the subsoil. The whole track will unravel in a setting devastated by the ferocious winged creature, in a surreal atmosphere, in an arid and deserted setting with swampy areas, destroyed forests, knocked down trees and rocks.”

“The terrible flight of the unknown winged creature is teeming with ruins such as watchtower about to crumble, a tree broken in half, a bride with protection barriers... remains of the untameable fury of RAPTOR. The insane run will continue with an extraordinary nebulisation effect, a waterfall programmed to stop upon passage, grazing pillars which, in some points, become out-and-out obstacles for the track.”


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