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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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  • 4 weeks later...

It´s exciting to see what happens in Europe and it totally fits in my plans for next year! I try to do a camping trip with a good friend through the northern of italy to visit Gardaland, Movie Studios and Mirabilandia in 2011. And perhaps there will open Rainbow Magicland in Rome, too!


I´m curious following the new coaster type of B&M grow up and ride it as soon as possible. Hopefully there will be different coaster types in Gardaland and Heidepark and Thorpe Park, so the range of different types in Europe grows again. We still need Flying Coaster, Dive Machine on the mainland Europe and in my case I would like to see an X2-type coaster over here... Should save money and go on shopping tour in the next years or put it on my wishlist for santa claus - and don´t tell me he don´t excist

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Interesting - the track doesn't look all that thicker than the normal B&M track - not even as thick as the Dive Machines. Methinks B&M studied their old friends at Intamin as soon as the wing walker design was debuted. (And less to a degree, Arrow Dynamics way back in 1999)


While we're all a bit excited (okay, REALLY EXCITED) over where this *could* potentially lead (X, but longer, smoother and better elements! ) We should remember that the "Dynamic Duo" had their failures too, most notably trying to design the trains for Psyclone at Magic Mountain. While it wasn't just the trains that made the ride miserable, it was a major factor.


That being said, I can't think of a major problem for any new Beemer since. (And several new train designs later)


Just trying to keep perspective people!

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  • 2 weeks later...



This article is in italian, so I translated it with an online translator:


"Important meeting yesterday where Ben has been the foundation stone of the new incredible attraction to be launched during the 2011 season.


The memorial, a strong symbolic value has been placed in the center of the yard by the CEO Aldo Maria Vigevani and Director General Parks, Danilo Santi.

Right here arise the most impressive and extreme roller coaster ever built an amusement park in the first Italian, and one of the most adrenaline courses in the world.


The area dedicated to the new attraction has already record numbers: the area concerned is over 16 thousand square meters, equivalent to 60 tennis courts. To make the demolition of old works and the level of quotas have been used to date, over 3,000 hours of mechanical self-propelled machines. Soon will be planted in the ground more than 200 berths, which will set the ground this super structure that will come to Gardaland, directly from the United States, carried in 80 giant containers that arrive by sea.


There is already excitement among visitors and fans of the Park by aura of mystery surrounding the new attraction. It seems, in fact, that within the same site, the mysterious anomalies were detected environmental temperature changes, strange magnetic fields, changes in environmental radioactivity ... It seems, in short, that something inexplicable is moving in the bowels of the earth. That was fielded a task force with the most advanced technologies available on the planet, complete with basic scientific located inside the Park, engaged in operations to detect and measure even the visitors stunned to say the least.




Just a few hours ago was found a mysterious egg enormous, are currently under investigation to assess whether this finding could be related to unusual environmental phenomena. The egg seems to belong to a large creature, much higher than those of any creature which, to date, known to exist.


http://Www.gardaland.it site is already operating a surveillance camera that allows you to monitor periodically the area of the site and thus be updated on the progression of work. On line also marks the time that the countdown until the opening of this highly anticipated roller coaster, which are already causing a stir."


There is an interesting image:


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Oh my!


The monsters will rise everywhere in Europe! "Das Ungetüm" in Germany, another monster at Gardaland now and I guess there will rise another one soon in the UK... are we secure against attacks somewhere?


BTW, this would be a huge fried egg...

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... Soon will be planted in the ground more than 200 berths, which will set the ground this super structure that will come to Gardaland, directly from the United States, carried in 80 giant containers that arrive by sea....


Seems like B&M don't produce track in Europe anymore. Maybe they have centralized so all track manufacturing happens in Ohio.

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Wow, the radiation is high at Gardaland! I tried to watch, what´s happening on their homepage:


They have still problems with radiation at the construction place. There is a new statement of the "GENETIX INITIATIVE" by X-Labs, who will inform us about the strange things going on there:



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I had the exact same thoughts, Robb. It does seem like a big coincidence! Only time will tell I guess.


On a different note, I love the efforts they are going to. It is always great to see a park have pride in their work and really put effort in to make the whole experience of the construction, and time leading up to opening a special one.

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You mean the yellow track?


Bright yellow seems like it would be a weird color scheme for a "darker-themed" ride like this...but that's just my opinion. I guess anything is possible.


Maybe it is this X-Works Track, but repainted. It could be that the B&M prototype wasn´t planned to build at gardaland first and they use now a different theme. For example, there was an announcement for Thorpe Park for 2010 in the past and now Merlin decided to built at first the Gardaland Project.

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One of my friends from the GardalandTamTam website (http://www.gardalandtamtam.com/) has posted a new overview of the construction area here on Theparks.it forum:




The biggest thing to notice is a large tunnel on the left side of the picture.


I'm waiting for vertical construction to start and I'll be at the park myself to take more photos.

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The new Gardaland's video...




And a new park's press release! (I used an online translator, so sorry for bad english)






You begin to reveal some characteristics on the track so that - remember him - covers over 16,000 square feet - the equivalent of 60 tennis courts - quite large if we consider an extension that Blue Tornado occupies 10 000 the equivalent of eight Olympic swimming pools!


"The overall length of the trail will reach nearly 800 meters," said Chris McCormack, Project Manager of Merlin Entertainments, project supervisor. "The dramatic and extreme roller coaster, definitely much faster adrenaline Blue Tornado, reach the top 30 meters high with an inclination of 40 degrees above the ground path propose two" twists upside down "curves 90 ° and a series of exciting and unusual "escamotages" technicians from literally leave you breathless ... "


"The manufacturer has already done to cut, weld and calendering over 1,500 meters of" tubes "steel of various sizes that will make the track, the heaviest of which reaches 10,000 pounds! But much will total 76 items, the average length of 10 meters each, grouped together to compose the entire path - continues McCormack. "Over 10,000 bolts allow the assembly of the entire structure and to better understand the grandeur of creation, we can say that one component of pre-assembled, consisting of two main structural elements, reaches a total weight of 22,000 kg"


Meanwhile, inside the park, continue involvement activities Guest ... After the shocking discovery of a mysterious egg enormous, a few days ago found just inside the yard, continuing the frenzied activity in the mobile laboratory.

Scientists are working tirelessly in mapping DNA, the object has features never seen before and not comparable with any genetic material so far known. A scan of the soil at greater depths showed the presence of other eggs ...


The curiosity of the guests and fans of the park will be met by surveillance webcams - click here - that allows you to periodically monitor the area of the site and update on the progression of work as a countdown marks the first time that separates us from the fast and wild ride on this incredible roller coaster.>>

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The article says B&M has already completed the 1,500 meters (4,500 ft) of rails. But if the track is 800 meters (2,400 ft) long, will the train jump, fly, surf, drive, skid, plummet or sail across the 50 meter (150 ft) gap?


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