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Theme Park Review's Italy 2012 Tour!

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My question is - did that happen every time two people on the tour did that slide, or was it a "wait for it, wait for it..." thing?

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The waterslide vid is amazing, but that mega-wacky-worm just kills me. I don't consider myself much of a credit whore, but that credit MUST BE WHORED. For god sakes, it has an ON-RIDE PHOTO!


Seriously, as international TPR trips go, Japan is the top priority, but Italy will likely have to be next in line.

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Insane. Just insane.


I'm going to have one of those waterslides in Schwarzkopf Gardens, because we CAN have it. Nothing quite like it, and Action Park must be rolling in it's grave over not being the first with it.


Not to mention all those credit-whore worthy rides- by the ton. I know a few of my Credit-whore friends must have creamed themselves after seeing these pics all over.


(BTW: Italy needs more Schwarzkopfs. Just sayin')



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I would just like to chime in here and say that, while I'm not one of the guys in the video, Hanno told me he has one hell of a picture of me from one of the two times I rode it where I'm locked down in complete terror. That slide is no joke. I did it once and Robb convinced me to go again. We also flew off of the slide, just not as high as they did. Take it from me, a survivor, that this was the single most terrifying experience of my entire life. The screams coming from my mouth weren't me hamming it up for the camera, they were legitimate screams of pure, unadulterated terror.


And I loved every last moment of it.

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Each day makes me more and more jealous...I spent a Semester in Italy during school long, long ago...good is as low as they go for food...even bad food is great there...and they seem to have a Wacky Worm infestation...


Did Robb work Nicki Minaj lyrics into this report!? Wow...

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I feel like I'm the 1 out of 100 people who passed the ADD test with this report, lol... reason being there is a repeat of the same picture and of the same caption, so I'm sure it was an accident of Fiabilandia's Spinning Mouse coaster. I love the pictures and the Wacky Worm looks pretty sweet. That picture it took of Robb, Elissa and Kristen is awesome.

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Next stop...Mirabilandia!


Our next park on the Italy tour was Mirabilandia... Home to two of the best steel coasters in the world, Katun & iSpeed!


We love Katun!


This is an "old school" B&M... Intense and awesome!


Katun ERT is awesome!


Next up... One of the best Intamin launched coasters... iSpeed!


With Katun and iSpeed in the same park, this gives Mirabilandia one of the best one-two steel coasters in the world!


TPR loves ERT on iSpeed!


Two awesome ERT sessions on two great coasters!


iSpeed is a bit like the "Maverick of Europe", with crazy airtime and some VERY intense transitions.


And of course it wouldn't be a TPR day without a little bit of credit whoring.


Mirabilandia has a "Japan park" sizes Ferris Wheel!


Did we mention that Mirabilandia has probably the BEST installation of the Q-Bot system anywhere in the world?


KidTums gets a "Jeff Johnson" credit!


There's something really "special" going in here!


The chance of mental anguish on this ride is good!


The haunted walk through used to be a dark ride, but our haunt fans gave this new attraction thumbs up!


It used to be called the Twin Towers, then they re-named it to Space Shuttle Columbia after 9/11. This ride is doomed!


Master Thai is a strange möbius loop family racing coaster that opened in 2011.


It's kind of like a wild mouse on steroids...


Both trains go up the lift at the same time, and since it's a möbius loop, you come into the opposite station that you left.


Lol! We got evaced off the lift hill!


Down the stairs we go!


It's a very "interesting" ride, although a bit rough...


Cool backstage tour of iSpeed!


It was time for some ERT on Divertical! Mirabilandia's awesome new Intamin water coaster!


While at first glance it looks a bit like Pilgrim's Plunge...


Divertical is a complete water coaster! And the first of its kind anywhere in the world!


Here they come after a nearly 200 foot drop, a floater airtime hill, a pretty intense turn around, and then...



Here's a full POV of Divertical:


You do get a bit of air on this hill!


TPR loved the new Divertical at Mirabilandia!


KidTums ended up with many new animals today!


The Divertical shop was filled with cool items.


TPR hanging out with Mirabilandia park manager, Ricardo, and the new Divertical!




"Hi, I'm at Katun - one of the best B&M inverts in the world!"


This is a VERY forceful B&M... Wish they still made them like this!


Italian helix!!!


Through the Stargate and back to our home planet.


It only tries to re-arrange your spine just a little bit!


Was cool to hear them convert the dark ride into a haunt attraction that everyone gave thumbs up to!


Better than World of Colour!


Love that they have a log flume themed to cars!


So, let's talk about the stunt show for a moment, because some seriously crazy stuff happened here!


So, it's a "Lights, Motors, Action" style stunt show, but with a knock-off Police Academy comedy theme.


And yes, you can buy guns!


So anyway, they told us that they wanted Elissa and I to be part of the stunt show...


First they dragged us down to center stage...


Elissa has a starting role!


This is now our view from the stage!


They tell Elissa she has to act out a part...


So they give her a gun!


OMG! It's the Italian Piers!!!


Then... The total OMG WTF moment happens! They throw us into one of the stunt cars and were off driving like crazy in the show, sliding and skidding around! (If you've seen Lights Motors Action, you know what I mean!)


Then they stuck me in a big rig to do more stunts!


Here's another car they stuck us in!


OMG! Elissa's car is on its side!


They seriously had us inside the cars during all these crazy stunts!!! It was amazing!


Here is VIDEO of all this insanity!!!


We had an awesome day at Mirabilandia! Katun and iSpeed are amazing! Divertical is easily the best water coaster in the world, and it was awesome being part of the stunt show. Amazing day!!



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