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Theme Park Review's Italy 2012 Tour!

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^Well remember their history, gladiator battles, killing animals for fun, they were always quite gory!


Very true. That was from Italy's pre-christian era, obviously, but I guess old habits die hard.



They're especially good at scaring people with their driving.


hmmm...I'll bet some of their descendants live in my town, currently. Here, it seems if you're not going 20 over the speed limit, you're going too slow.

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Whahaha, that 'fully licensed' Disney stuff is awesome. I can't wait for the Movieland Studios report. They haven't heard of copyright infringement either.


BTW, that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to the other updates. Italy is an awesome place, keep the update coming!

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The next stop on our Italy tour...Rainbow Magicland just outside of Rome!


Rainbow Magicland... A park with no shade and very few drinks! Other than that, it's pretty nice!


Our day at Rainbow Magicland starts out with some ERT on the indoor spinning coaster... Lights On!!!



Here's a lights on look at Cagliostro



This is the only part of the coaster that goes outdoors!


After the spinner, we moved over to Shock, a Maurer Sohne launched X-Car which is sort of a follow up to Rip Ride Rockit!


I think I see a hidden Mickey here!


TPR is ready to launch!


This one also has a non-inverting loop, like Rockit, and the entire ride seems to work sooooo much better! Seriously, a really great, intense, smooth coaster!



While it's shorter than Rip Ride Rockit, Shock is VERY intense and crazy smooth! I kinda wish Orlando would have gotten this ride instead!




No lines for TPR members! We are all armed with Rainbow Magicland's fast pass system!


Yay! For fast pass systems!


Although all the Italy parks still use this crazy automated queue counting system. Thankfully, because we had Magic Pass, we weren't annoyed by this counting system too much.


The first of two dark rides at Rainbow Magicland... This one for kids themes to fairies.


I sorta feel like I'm at a Cosplay convention!



"Let's hear it for the Rainbow Tour...it's been an incredible success..."



"Excuse me, can you please tell me where the stunt show is?"


Mad house. Haunted swing, etc...


And it wouldn't be an Italian park without a Wacky Worm!


New name for the Wacky Worm?


Yay! Another Wacky Worm in Italy!


Love this awesome "automated onride photo system!"


First you see your photo on the screen...


... Next insert four Euros.


...choose the number of the photo that you want....


And about 45 seconds later... Your photo pops out! Why don't more parks have this???


A couple of pics of the parks kids area.


Looking at the rest of the park from the kids area.


The buildings are all well themed!


I was told this show is just as authentic as being in Rome!


Is it bad that I look at this and instantly think of McDonalds?


More park theming.


Here's the awesome 4D.... Sorry 5D shooting dark ride!


Entrance to the Vekoma Mine Train Coaster.


And there it is!


You guys ready to ride?



You can see that the mine train had some decent theming on it too!


Another look at the mine train coaster.



Park map!!!


More park theming! Looks very impressive!


The splash down boat has to be one of the best themed ever.


Another look at the Vekoma mine train.


Everyone is really hoping the dark ride opens at noon!



Huntik was a really cool dark ride! I mixed 3-D screens with "video game" shooting elements....


...and some very impressive dark ride sets throughout the ride. This and Shock are easily the "top two" attractions at this park!




Lunch time fed TPR VERY well!


Is it just me or does this Tiramisu kind of look like a chocolate hot dog.


Another day... More cheese!


This is the condiment area! I love Italy!


While it's not quite "better than normal sex", it's say it's "on par with your average quickie."


Drop ride! Yay!


"We found the shade at the park'l


Craig... Cold!




Another view of shock. That turn was completely insane!


This ride was seriously good!


While the park seemed much nicer, and would appear to have a much brighter future, there are several comparisons to Hard Rock Park that can be made.


The park looks really nice!


Souvenir cigarette anyone?


Ha! Caught Kevin in the act!


The entrance area of the park wants to feel very "Islands of Adventure."


Lots of attention to detail.


More theming....


She looks bored!


This bridge REALLY wants to say "The Adventure Begins..."


This machine was awesome! You pulled the finger and the monkey actually farted!


They had a really awesome themes "kids driving school" like you see at the Legoland parks.


This one was kind of themes to 1950s USA.


Loved the car wash part!


Vekoma Roller Skater... Yup.


KidTums loved the awesome kids area at the park!




Check out the park from the Flying Island observation tower!


It really is a big park with room for expansion.


There's the other side!


And some of the front area.


When it's about 95 degrees outside, a little bit of arctic circle is very welcome!


Hooray for the non-inverting loop! (POV of this ride will be coming soon!)



A few photos of Shock...because it's awesome!


Looking down the launch track!


At the top of the airtime hill looking into the non-inverting loop.


I really think this ride works so much better than Rockit, mainly due to the single car trains.


At the top of the non-inverting loop.


And this is the totally inverting loop! =)


Some SERIOUS airtime on this hill!


You take this curve very, VERY fast!!!


This ride is pretty bad-ass!


We all had a great day at Rainbow Magicland!!!


After a day at a decent park and a long drive... Time for a round of beers! It was a great day at a really fun park!


It was a great day at a really fun park! Now...







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The park seems to have much in common with Hard Rock Park as far as rides, shows, great theming, and lack of shade go. The major differences are that there were more people waiting for the dark ride to open than in an entire day at the entrance to HRP, and this park is still open.

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Still looks like a must visit park for in my near future... You guys must have had a blast over there!


But what's up with that wacky worm, driving school and stuntshow! it's looks like it's downgrading the park on theming, how are the operations in RML?

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Just caught up with this entire trip report: I am so sold on the next Italy tour. Must ride the "Copyright Infringement Express" before lawsuits totally destroy it.


So many neat little parks, and Rainbow Magicland looks amazing!

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The park seems to have much in common with Hard Rock Park as far as rides, shows, great theming, and lack of shade go. The major differences are that there were more people waiting for the dark ride to open than in an entire day at the entrance to HRP, and this park is still open.




I agree with more parks need the automated on-ride photo machine, too. And more beer.

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When Shock first opened, I thought "Meh, it doesn't look like much". Great to hear that the ride is much better. The overbank in the offride footage I've seen does look completely insane.


I'm curious to see how this park develops over the next few years. Too bad I'll most likely never even get remotely close, and even if I did, I'm not sure I'd make it. Us guys from Wisconsin don't do well in hot weather.

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