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Theme Park Review's Italy 2012 Tour!

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As the huge water coaster fan, and a big supporter of this ride choice, you're trip officially made me want go to Italy this fall!


Amazing. This park seems to get better and better every time you guys visit. Two of the best steelies in the world, and now one kickass looking water coaster as well. All they need now is a GCI, and they'll have everything.


Naah, two latest coasters were Intamin, so why stop now

Pre-fab woodie, pleaseeeee!

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I miss iSpeed.


Were they still doing that

iSpeed vs. Katun thing

('VOTE' which you like better)

with t-shirts, buttons and such?


Great looking tour and report, Robb!

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Mirabilandia is easily one of my favorite parks in the world. So much so that I made a side trip there on my way from Scandinavia to Ibiza, Spain last year. And I happened to run into some local TPR readers whle I was there, too!


Katun is an absolute B&M masterpiece, from back when they made them really forceful. Think Montu or a bigger, longer Batman with more variety in inversions. I have a hard time deciding which I like more, Katun or Pyrenees at Parque Espana in Japan, though I give a slight edge to Montu over either of them. All three are in my top 5 steel. It's a real shame that B&M don't make coasters like this any more. We call these the old-school "B&M's with balls".


And while I'm not as huge a fan of Intamin's launched coasters as some people, iSpeed is basically the best parts of Xcelerator and Maverick wrapped into one coaster. I'm curious if they still had the trim brake in the middle of the ride on stongly, because without it, it would probably hit my top 10, instead of being a bit outside it, which still makes it a damn fine coaster!


But together, it's one of the best one-two steel coaster punches out there. I'd actually give a bit of an edge to Montu and Kumba at Busch Tampa, but Mirabilandia gives them a run for their money. In fact, Mirabilandia is the only park in the world with two coasters in the top 10 on either of Mitch's coaster polls, wood or steel.


Even if those two rides were the only coasters at the park, they've got lots more, including a well-themed shooting dark ride, the new haunted walkthrough (which was only mediocre on my visit when it was new last year, though maybe they've amped it up since then?), decent S&S towers and great theming everywhere. The water coaster just adds to the goodness.


But you asbolutely can't forget their Q-Bot system, which as Robb mentioned is one of the best implimentations anywhere. And reasonably priced too. Even on a slow day, it's worth it to just walk in front of the line with such a short wait. On iSpeed, I was getting on literally every other train! I'd enter the Q-bot queue, get my q-bot scanned and reset, then immediately scedule another ride on it. By the time I got off, it was time to ride again, with the q-bot line conveniently located right at the ride's exit! Rinse, repeat, again and again! Even the gold version was cheaper than any of the REGULAR Flashpasses at any Six Flags park!

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