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Theme Park Review's Italy 2012 Tour!

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This park looks like it will be a premier European park someday, but I think I need some aloe vera cause just looking at the lack of shade caused me to get a sunburn. Doesn't change the fact that I would love to check this place out though. Why can't a US park(non disney/universal) have this kind of theming? *sigh*

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Wow - Shock looks great... I had no idea there was another one of these non-inverting loops in the world... but I agree, this layout looks much more intense and fun than Rockit.



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Today was a day of "random stuff" - from visiting a small park called Fiabilandia, to spending some time at the beach and just hanging out. We were in a resort town called "Rimini" and here are our adventures...


Today we were hitting up a family park in Rimini called Fiabilandia!


TPR is ready to check this place out!


It's nice!


We are about to check out "The World's Most Awesome Wacky Worm!"


The girls are ready to ride!


It's totally a legit Wacky Worm, but this one is crazy long, totally themed, and awesome!


It does actually have hills and stuff, so it's a real coaster!


KidTums totally LOVED this ride!


This Wacky Worm goes through TWO apples!


Oh, and please try to keep your clothes on while you ride!


See! It even has the worm part!


Theming inside the cave!


Wacky worm part!!!


Inside the Wacky Worm apple!


The Wacky Worm even had an onride photo!


Next up was the spinning mouse.


Next up was the spinning mouse.


It actually spun a LOT!


NOT "Elissa Approved!"


There are so many things wrong with this photo that I don't know where to begin.


"Look! I'm Woody...Howdy, Howdy, Howdy..."


It's just like being in the Country Bear Jamboree!


Tell me, is this a "Dan Friendly Ride?"


Checking the kiddie boat ride thing!


Turns out, Merlin is kind of a psychopath!


A rock vending machine... Yup!




Would YOU want to be touched by Ken?


Thank you Fiabilandia... What a really nice, cute park!


Back in Rimini for a day on the beach hanging out!


This is my favourite beach!


Found a really cool place for lunch!




Mmmmmm....the only ingredients you need!


"This looks amazing!"


And keeping count, I believe this is day six, and Elissa has had fresh mozzarella nine times!


This place was really great!


Robb & Nolan on a pizza date!


Oh, good... Just what we need is to be more creeped out by random stuff!


The beaches here are really cool... Each one of the hotels has a private beach area with some really nice amenities.


Let’s go to the beach, each, Let’s go get away


The hotels have places to sit, umbrellas, bar service, etc!


KidTums getting her feet wet in the Adriatic sea!


Hanging out at the beach!


The water was clear enough you could see the fish!


Beached whale!!!


Yup....it's the water.


KidTums looking for shells and stuff...


Someone push Craig in!!!


Seriously, these may be some of the nicest beaches I've seen anywhere!


Later in the afternoon we visited a small amusement center called Santa Fe. Maybe we'll see Jack Kelly here?


This amusement center is literally in the back yard of some of these hotels and houses.


But there is a kiddy coaster here!


It's mostly kiddie rides and games!


A couple of go kart tracks...


But most important a powered Wacky Worm!


Yup, another Wacky Worm in Italy!!!


Credit whores rejoice!!!


They were so proud that we all came to ride their roller coaster, they let it go around about 20 times each!


This may be the most whorish thing we did the whole trip!


Oh, did we mention the park was closed and we had to bribe the guy to open the ride for us? Yeah...


KidTums even did a little bowling!


Some of the kids games they had here were "interesting!"


That is one VERY day glo dinosaur!


Love these kids rides!!!


We got the credit! Cha-Ching! Time to head back!


I could use this place sometimes!!!


Our dinner was on the top floor of our hotel with this amazing view!



There's free wine! Piers and Renee will be so jealous! :)


Wow...that was a mega update! Now....


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