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What bands need to go away?

Sir Clinksalot

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Just what the topic says. What bands have over-stayed their welcome? Are no longer relevant? One too many farewell tours?


Aerosmith (Boys, you were the original party band, but enough is enough)

Kiss (Should have been gone back in the 70's)

Dave Matthews (It was once great, now, not so much)

Courtney Love (Why couldn't she have shot herself in the mouth?)

Cher (Hopefully this really is her final farewell tour)

Bad Religion (It saddens me to say this, but all good things must come to an end. At least we have 20 years of great music to remember you by)

Fred Durst (Why couldn't he have shot himself in the mouth?)

Van Halen (It's over Eddie)

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Anything on Top 40 radio.


And can we please change American Idol to have the winner devoured by rabid poodles at the end of the show? Actually, can we do that to anyone that is on the show? The gene pool really needs to be cleaned...


Dave "I really need to be put in charge of more TV shows" Thomas

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Why? U2 still rock. Yer, there new stuff isn't as good as there old material but still it is alot hgiher qualitry then rubbish pop music etc.


They ARE Pop. See the album of the same name. Their work before that was fine, but after that album and everything since they should have been shot into the center of the sun....especially Bono.


mmm now I'm craving Pepsi, and my U2 IPod....c'mon.

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I actually don't mind Shania -- I know she's very 'exposed' but one song in particular I enjoy off her latest album.


There's always room for Stryper. J.k. " By His strypes" man, "by His strypes".


I'm going to say I lean towards agreeing about U2 needing to evaluate what they are doing. I actually liked Pop - I think that's their best album and tour -- Zooropa was cool...ZooTV was interesting. But Rebel rockers at age 45+? The whole 'applying to be the best band in the world' just came off as insecure (ouch I've been watching too much Simon on 'Idol' w. wifey).


I'm tired of Bono's religiosity and save the world mentality. "Save the poor while I'm worth millions"? Sorry. I don't buy that. Relieve who's debt Bono and why?


Relieve mine and lower your ticket prices lol.


a bitter Jose

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Gregg, you thread stealer you!!!


Anyway, my list:

The Rolling Stones - Obviously this should have happened in 1970 or so. Contributes nothing to the music world except for overpriced tours.


Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, The Beastie Boys, etc. - Bands that crank out an album every few years, where upon everyone goes "Hey, remember when they were awesome in 199X?"


Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube- If you're doing family movies, your hardcore street cred is somewhere around ZERO.


Foo Fighters- Every album somehow gets progressively more slick, overproduced, and more boring. I don't mind Dave showboating (which is basically all FF is), but the music has to mean something. You were in Nirvana, dude.


And basically alot of other bands. I think the general idea is if you're rehashing your old hits and not making any musical progress, call it a day. Fans will be a lot happier with a smaller discography of kick ass albums versus a lot of albums, but most of them suck.

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Good Charolette. Why? Well, besides the fact that they suck, How can you make a song about how celebraties do nothing but 'piss & moan' on "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous", and then turn around lately and make a song about how you 'just wanna live', complaining about how people won't leave your famous life alone? Hypocrites!


Simple Plan. Why? Okay, you hated your dad, and you were a middle class teenager that had no real problems but you do nothing but whine because you got picked on. Big Freakin Deal! It's called life, and now you're making money off of whining (see also-Good Charolette).


Matallica. Why? Sell outs to the Nth degree. They sold out years ago, their bassist left them for it, and I hate them for how hypocritical they were about Napster. Like they're still not millionares.


Eminim. Why? See Simple Plan and add in that he can make jokes about anybody, but God forbid someone poke fun at him, they're terrible if they do! Oh, and anybody that sings a 'lullaby' to their daughter about killing people need not have unsupervised visitation. Plus I'm sick of hearing about his mom that didn't take care of him (even though he grew up very middle class), his dad that didn't love him (get over it after 3 decades), and his ex wife that was screwed up in the first place, then he married, and divorced in less than a year. Didn't he expect her to be this way? Get over it!!!

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