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  1. a Cafe' Mocha with a shot of expresso or Caramel , Vanilla Frapachino(dont know how to spell it)
  2. thank you , i still watch ya'lls thunderhead video all the time
  3. I was wondering if ya'll will be able to make a video of silver dollar city when ya'll go
  4. i agree also .... Good charlotte and simple plan need to go away
  5. i was 3 or 4 when i rode zippin' pippin' , but i think i was younger when i rode Fire in the Hole at Silver Dollar City , because i remember i was in a baby seat
  6. well , i doubt that it will be rough . and nboy , i hope you get better
  7. At the moment im watching Edward Scissorhands , one of my favorite movies if you want a good horror movie rent saw (another favorite of mine) or dead end <-its not really that scary but its kind of funny (another favorite) im sorry down under , but i thought shaun of the dead was stupid
  8. jordan s.:what looks so painful? n boy:why are you in a wheelchair ?
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