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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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So I went to Dollywood yesterday and a women in line for Mystery Mine who had never ridden a coaster before, talking to her son or whatever the kid was said the following with my input as well,


Women: "Well coasters are so dangerous thats why I've never ridden them."


Me: "Coasters are actually extremely safe and there have been VERY few accidents that were ride malfunction, it is usually a rider who does something wrong."


Women: "Well what about that one in Georgia that threw the kid off into the support and killed him? That sounds like a bad restraint to throw a kid out."


Me: "Umm that kid hopped a fence into a restricted area and walked under the train......there was PMW everywhere!"


Women: "PMW?"


Yeh so that is another example of poor rumors, there was more convo after that but it switched to what kind of drops MM had lol.

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I'm not suprised the family is doing this. It all comes down to money in the end. I highly doubt the family will get anything if it goes to trial but they could.


I no longer feel sorry for the family. They deserve the same fate their son had for trying to sue the park.


I think whoever can think of such a harsh thing deserves that fate and you my friend, is over due for it. How can you be sooo...insensitive and wish death on someone. I mean you can have your opinion and all but geesh you have dont some stupid things, trust me I know first hand, but does that mean you are exempt because unfortunetly your stupid things didnt kill you?


And you to say you believe pretty much everthing CNN says...I laugh at that...very hard. CNN was the first to crack the stories about getting a hat. so do you believe that?

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You know if this happened in a nation outside of america, the media would have left the story and the family of the incident alone by now and also no-one would be sued. Or attempted to be sued.


Anyway, I think this now counts as the second roller-coaster related darwin award, as sad for freinds and family and witnesses as it is. The first being published in volume IV about the woman who wanted "airtime".




Wow... Who on earth would write such a terrible story? I had no idea Raven was inside HW's water park... And I had no idea every time I raved about a ride's airtime I was improperly using safety equipment and endangering my life...

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well, the funeral was yesterday and he is now buried.


I do have a picture of the corpse for anyone who is interested. They did get his head back attached


Sorry, up to the "head back attached" it doesn't sound like a joke to me. Guess I'm not in the "hip" group who can tell if what people are posting is a joke or not based simply off what they say.

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^^^ I agree. The topic is getting perhaps a little too insensitive here...


As far as my two cents, I cannot see how the family could (or should) "benefit monetarily" if the kid put his own life in jeopardy by jumping the two fences.


When I was at Waldameer this past weekend, there was any opportunity to climb into a restricted area of a ride where there were not two fences and multiple signs warning "restricted area." Does this mean that any and every park would now have to put up electric razor wire fence to keep people from breaking the rules? There has to be an intelligence factor entered in the laws somewhere.


My mother lost her footing and sprained her ankle years ago walking at Waldameer on the 'Pirate's Cove' whilst carrying my niece and there was no law suit, or settlement. The passage is dark, uneven, and you cannot see where you are going. She fell and hurt herself, but she did not feel that the park owed her compensation because of a little things called darkness and gravity!


I sympathize with the family for the entire ordeal, but there is no way that Six Flags should be held liable for the death. If they are, then our legal system may just set a new standard for worldwide embarrassment. As if the President hasn't done enough of that already???

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Six Flags Over Georgia was a great park all in all. It had a fairly decent atmosphere (reminded me a lot of Dollywood in Gatlinburg Tn). The roller coasters were top notch except that of the "Great American Scream Machine" which failed to deliver the basic roller coaster needs, Airtime, Smoothness, Speed and overall fun. Goliath is the park's big 200+ foot tall B&M hypercoaster. It is worth all the hype over the ride it has great height, speed a little airtime (not as much as El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure) but it was a amazing coaster. Staff was decent, the man who worked goliath was cool and got the train hyped up before embarking on the ride. The rest of the staff (except for a few game operators) was very unenthusiastic and boring. The food was decent (it saw the light of day twice for me while at a truck stop while heading home from the park) But it was very expensive and sometimes cold. i recommend that you get a handstamp and leave the park for lunch and then come back after lunch. The overall value of the park was fairly decent, a little high for food and drink (what do ya expect though).


Value=21/2 stars

Rides=4 stars

Roller Coasters=41/2 stars

Atmosphere= 3 stars

Overall=4 stars

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