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SFNO/Jazzland Discussion Thread

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I think that it just seems unreal, and really proves how slow things can move when insurance companies/financially struggling corporations/a battered city are in charge. So many way to spread out donations (undoubtedly better to get money to the people still struggling rather than to a fund to remove the park), but man it'd be better if that whole mess was just bulldozed and cleaned up. At some point I'd have to imagine the liability of all of those structures just sitting there, rusting, will motivate someone to make a move.


Hard to believe that an abandoned park, of that size, can still happen in today's society.

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Just noticed that the person (who took the pictures I posted earlier) updated her album with photos from a couple of more trips back to the park.


Interesting to note that she ran across a young, black cat upon her return. She ultimately ended up bringing it home (after a trip to the vet for a checkup/liquids).


Anyway, a few more pictures I enjoyed:









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I wonder if Six Flags will get any more rides out of there before they demolish it?


I was under the impression they were no longer permitted to remove any attractions?


I believe that is the case which is ridiculous on so many levels . . . they can't even take Jester which was moved from SFFT not that they would want it but still there is no question of ownership on that one and they should be allowed to take it, Im sure there is a neglected SF park out there that would welcome this coaster or any coaster for that matter . . . scrapping these rides just seems like such a huge waste

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video looks to have succumbed to the same fait as the park.......(it's been wiped out) crap, would've loved to have seen it.


edit: Found a fresh copy, hope it's the same one, made by the same person, same date caption, it's :39 shorter, the ending credits are missing that Robb pointed out in an earlier post.



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Chilling, and very well done.



At this point, it seems like it would be very good PR just to have any reminder of that park gone...ASAP...right? What an amazing thing, that five years later most of the park is stlll there....in that condition.

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They should wait a couple of years and then reopen it...it's almost to the point now of being as creepy as Conneaut Lake.


But at least CLP is cool enough to run the rides anyway - even though they look like they're going to fall apart!

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