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What coaster do you love that everyone else hates?

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It's good to see some love for Shockwave! My second ride on Shockwave was amazing. Ejector airtime on stand-ups are awesome, and Shockwave had around 4 moments of it. Although on the back half, I would be floating and slamming in to the restraints at the same time, but it was worth it.

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To add to my growing list of this type:




I've heard absolutely terrible things about this B&M, but MAN did it pack one seriously intense punch!


First of all, who said something bad about Kumba, that's just not very nice, (as my niece would say), and un-American. I also liked Gwazi more with the PTC's but only for a front car ride. I have had some awesome laps on Gwazi in those old trains.

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I've added a few new ones to my list this summer. Although I wouldn't say I love all these rides, I definitely like them significantly more than the average enthusiast.


Space Mountain: Mission 2 (Disneyland Paris-Disneyland Park): A lot of people consider this a below-average coaster, but I actually thought it was the best of Disneyland Paris's four coasters (yes, I preferred it to Big Thunder Mountain). In fact, I rode three times during my one day visit. The ride wasn't really painful, just very shaky, and while it's not the most intense coaster in the world it certainly is the most intense and thrilling Disney coaster I've been on. Not as good as California's Space Mountain or California Screamin', but I definitely feel the ride is deserving of a much higher ranking than the 261 it has on Mitch Hawker's poll (more like the 125 range in my opinion).


Dragon Fire (Canada's Wonderland): While certainly not the best Arrow Custom Looping Coaster, this is my favorite of the somewhat common 2 loop, 2 corkscrew models (beating out the higher rated Canyon Blaster and Demon). I think it's just the unusual backwards corkscrew that sets this apart from Arrow's other similar coasters.


SkyRider (Canada's Wonderland): I've only been on a handful of Togos, but this is easily the best of the four I've been on. Not too rough, and very strong airtime over a couple of the hills. I rode twice on my visit to Canada's Wonderland last summer despite the coaster not being included on Fast Lane, which definitely says something about my opinion of the coaster.


Mighty Canadian Minebuster (Canada's Wonderland): Yes, it doesn't really do much, but the ride is smooth and is re-rideable. It's a great first big coaster for kids, and a good middle-intensity coaster for adults. For me, it was a nice break after Time Warp, Flight Deck, and SkyRider all in a row, and it was the only Canada's Wonderland woodie I rode more than once (excluding ERT).

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-The Vekoma flyers- It seems that everyone hates these things. I do not. On my visit, Firehawk was running very smooth, comparable to a B&M. Nighthawk, although it rattles quite is bit in the corkscrews, I also found to be enjoyable overall. How some people think these are among of the worst designs in the world, worse than SLC's, is beyond me.

-GIB's- I have never gotten any major headbanging on these, and, even my worst of rides were helped by the heavily padded restraints. On many rides, I have even been able to raise my hands not not hit my head.

-Mantis- Actually my favorite standup. It was running quite rough in 2009, but the roughness seemed to have gone away by 2011. On a similar note, Dominator's rattle seemed to have inexplicably dissappeared by this summer, as it was running fairly rough last summer.

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Now I wish I could've ridden Viper to see for myself, after reading all these comments.


I wish I could go back and UNride it. I don't know if maybe shorter people could take it better, just like on SFAW's Ultra Twister... but I'm not short and I felt like I had been the loser in a heavyweight bout at the end of the one ride I did.


It was the only coaster in the park that I only rode once.

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I actually REALLY liked Saw the Ride at Thorpe Park and think it's by far the best coaster in the park. It has a great combination of airtime, intensity and theming, and the head banging wasn't too bad. I found Colossus much more painful. In fact I actually didn't like Colossus at all, despite all the love it seems to get on here. I've ridden smoother Arrow loopers. It's only good points for me is the awesome setting it has and its heartline roll finale, which was smooth and intense.

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^I got on Deja Vu at SFOG and SFGAM and thought that both were really pretty good. It wasn't the smoothest ride experience in the world but it wasn't brutally painful either, and the 200ft vertical spike was one of the more terrifying parts of a ride that I've ever been on.

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Iron Dragon.

I don't care if you stone me, Iron Dragon is one of the last of its kind, a great starter non/kiddie coaster for kids, a perfect mellow, chillout coaster after riding coasters like Millenium Force, Maverick, Mantis, TTD.....And I hope CP never gets rid of it.


Corkscrew is a classic no-frills looping coaster. Once again, a great starter coaster and a timeless classic.

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Lets see-


I was sad to see SoB go, but then again, it has been 4 years and I just felt sorry that I didn't get my last ride in 2009 because - get this - I thought the line was too long.


Mean Streak is a good time waster when everything has a huge line, especially the one time in the rain when the trims were off and there was ejector air on the last hill before the MCBR.


I'm also OK with riding Corkscrew @ CP and Vortex @ KI.


Time Warp @ CW (Zamperla Volare) was fun to me.


SLCs - I had a great experience on Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure (again, 4 years ago), making it one of my favorites there (Looking back, I thinkShivering Timbers, takes the cake. When I took the precaution of riding the older Flight Deck @ CW up front to reduce headbanging, it was a fun ride. That was more recent. My research shows that Thunderhawk got new restraints and padding, however, so maybe it was that I was riding it in its first year of operation at its new park (I know that because I remember calling my dad back at home asking him about what Kings Island had just announced - Diamondback. It was also before I was 54 inches tall - 2008 being the last year I was that short - and unable to ride the Swan Boats at MI by myself.)


I read something earlier in this topic about Vekoma flyers being bad, but Firehawk is awesome and quite smooth. Those padded restraints would make it hard to be a headbanger.


I liked both of the Boomerangs I went on - Carolina Cobra at CW and the Boomerang at WoF. Carolina Cobra, of course, was great with the new trains, but somehow I liked WoF's, and I repeat-rode it a lot considering it had no line.

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