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  1. I want those all! I might have to plan for another trip to Tokyo Disneyland much sooner!
  2. I must admit I was kinda surprised that Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is the one getting the Marvel retheming and not Tower of Terror. Still, I'm optimistic about it!
  3. No doubt crowds will pick right back up next week when the holiday decorations and overlays are in full-swing. Speaking of overlays, so if I understand this correctly, the Halloween overlay of Mission Breakout happens as soon as the sun sets, right? And the regular version of the ride still operates during the day? If that's the case, then I'm gonna have to plan out grabbing Fastpasses for it accordingly. I also read that Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and Luigi's Rockin Roadsters will get Halloween overlays too? Do they mean just the decorations or the rides will have new songs to dance along to?
  4. The first time I found out about Theme Park Review was back in 2005. It was mostly for their Disney posts (particularly Tokyo Disneyland), but since then I found out about a lot of great non-Disney theme parks in Japan, China, and even Mexico of all places. And I'm not ashamed to admit that thanks to countless marathon sessions of watching TPR videos, I also "wee" a lot on roller coasters now. Thanks for all of the great coverage! Looking forward to what's to come in the future!
  5. It's kind of unfortunate that a lot of those retweets were people who just found out about Dueling Dragons closing and are dismayed at not being able to get their last rides in. It really is a shame that I was never able to get a ride in when I was in Orlando (even moreso not riding when they still dueled). There's no other pair of coasters like Dueling Dragons and they will be missed.
  6. Finally got around to downloading Sonic Mania on the PS4. It's SO good! Anyone who ever loved the Sonic games on the Sega Genesis would be doing a disservice to themselves in not picking up Sonic Mania. It's probably the greatest throwback that the Sonic franchise has ever put with beautiful 16-bit-esque graphics, great music, and overall fun gameplay.
  7. THANK...YOU!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's a little hypocritical for Disney fanboys to complain about how DCA isn't a California-themed park or how they want the old DCA 1.0 back...even though that was exactly what they hated about it in the first place! As for the new stuff coming to DLR, I always like me some new fireworks at Disneyland, and it looks like it will utilize the projection mapping technology left over from Disneyland Forever. Plus, Paint the Night is coming back which is great. As for Pixar Pier, I'm waiting on more concept art before passing judgment. Either way, these next few years at DLR should be a fairly interesting one!
  8. Please tell me I wasn't the only one who hopped out of his seat when they announced that Ratatoutille was coming to the France pavilion in Epcot! Also I get there are mixed reactions to Guardians being in Future World, but honestly anything that isn't the Ellen's Energy Adventure ride is great in my book!
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Seriously, I feel the lands looks amazing and the rides are pretty good (I wish they were a bit less screens and more action, but that's just me) but they really outcast people who aren't familiar with the material. It's a shame... I do find it annoying how when you pay with a credit card, they always refer to it as "muggle plastic." I get wanting to create an immersive land, but come on dude.
  10. Wow, so much news from D23 this weekend, although I feel that Walt Disney World got most of the really good stuff. In any case, I'm excited that we're getting a Pixar-themed fireworks show for Disneyland AND Paint the Night will be returning to California Adventure! As for Pixar Pier, I'll have to see some more concept art. So far, it just looks like only the carnival games will be rethemed.
  11. I know the same thing happens to the FPs on the Haunted Mansion, where if you get your pass at 11 a.m. the return time is 11 a.m. I don't quite understand what's going on myself, but I'd agree that it's probably just a few kinks they're still working out. Still, can't wait for that Maxpass! No more having to run full speed to get a Fastpass!
  12. Eventually, I have to make a trip out to New York! The Nintendo Store alone seals the deal for me, but a shop that sells cookie dough! Amazing!
  13. Already own it. Seriously though, Battlefront II (the original) owns! Definitely one of my favorite games of all-time!
  14. So there's on-ride video now of the actual "Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!" attraction. I've been on-and-off dreading the overlay since it was announced, I'm happy to say that I was totally wrong on this one! It looks like a lot of fun with the randomized drops and the oldies tunes in the background. I look forward to finally riding it in person on my next trip to DCA!
  15. I always found it funny how most Disney fanboys will go on about how "California Adventure" isn't a Calfornia-themed park anymore. They seem to forget that it WAS a California-themed park from 2001 to about 2008...and they didn't seem to like it too much. And now some have even said that they missed DCA 1.0.
  16. Here I was thinking Hyperspace Mountain would be around until Star Wars Land opened. Not that I'm complaining. I'm so happy to finally get the "classic" Space Mountain back!
  17. ^ ^ No, no. The proper response is "this is the worst thing Disney has ever done and you can see it form Main Street and how terrible Joe Rhode should be ashamed of himself for letting this happen. Goodbye DCA, goodbye DCA forever!" It's amazing seeing the responses on TPR compared to the responses on Twitter. I myself kinda like the bright colors.
  18. Yikes! Looks like a fire broke out inside the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure. [twitter] [/twitter] [twitter] [/twitter] [twitter] [/twitter]
  19. Listening to that soundtrack (or at least a small portion of it) has got me hyped for the new show! I'm honestly baffled by how furious some fans are about the new show. "Wishes" is cool and all, but it's been running for a long time now. This new show looks like it'll put "Wishes" to shame.
  20. Isn't 2018 when the new east parking garage and pedestrian bridge supposed to open? I mean, that's something, right?
  21. Now THAT is one sexy coaster train. Can't wait to see it dressed up with the Discoveryland/Star Wars theming.
  22. In other words, the same problems the original Flying Saucers attraction had.
  23. I'm starting to notice that the theaters Soarin' in DCA have been breaking down quite frequently lately, or at least every time I've gone. Has it always been having issues like that or is it just something that I haven't noticed until now?
  24. So what's TPR's overall opinion on "World of Color - Celebrate"? It seems like the Disney fans are divided on it. I saw it on Monday and thought, while flawed, it was better than the original show.
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