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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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We've all heard of oversleeping. Well, today I underslept. Woke up 90 minutes early for no reason whatsoever. I ended up staying awake, but not getting out of bed. The sun came up and I was still awake and still lying in bed. Then I got up and got dressed and headed over to McDonald's. They were out of large soda cups so I got a large coffee cup instead to fill with Diet Coke.


That, my friends, is how my morning started.



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^I got curious and looked that up since once upon a time Everclear was one of my favorite bands. Rockstar is a perfect example of what went wrong with that band, by the time that song came out they were on a (steep) down hill slide. If you ever want to hear the stuff that made them famous look up the song Santa Monica.

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A dog walks into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender goes to get him a drink, but then realizes how ridiculous this is and wakes up from his dream. He rolls over to tell his wife about it, but she ignores him. He begins to cry silently, realizing his marriage is in shambles.

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I know the people I work with mean well, but I keep getting this "Happy Thanksgiving" emails that sometimes contain HUGE attachments (one was 9MB). On our Outlook we only have a certain amount of disc space and I already have to clear mine out daily. Who are these people that have time to do these thing? (Then again, I do have time to post on TPR).

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