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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I was just looking at the board statistics and saw that there are almost a million posts here at TPR.


Since I have to write a paper for university and this is a lot of text, I should just copy everything together and tell my prof that we wrote an essay about coasters and theme parks ... I just have to somehow squeeze some biology or bioinformatics in there


Sandra "just kidding and only needing any distraction from the thesis she has to write"

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^I can see the news tomorrow. "Young man who commits suicide reached out to his friends on the website, Theme Park Review, and tells them he is going to kill himself. They do nothing, and most are too busy getting drunk at Oktoberfest to even care."

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A movie starring Brad Dourif (voice of Chucky, Sheriff in the latest three Halloween movies) will be filming in my house this weekend!

Cool. How did he choose your house out of the millions of homes in the world?


EDIT: 1600th Post. (Yeah, Yeah, That's nothing to be proud of, but I don't care.)

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^The main filming location is on an old, "haunted" plantation about 20 minutes from our house.


My dad and his friend have a morning show on our local radio station, and were invited out to the set to interview the director about the movie. The director said their plans to film at another home had fallen through, so they needed help in finding another location that fit a certain description. Dad volunteered our house, so the crew came to look around and test out a few things, and they decided that they liked it.


And wha-la. My house is becoming a celebrity.

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Teacher just called my house looking for the essay that I told her I had finished and would send to her... told her I would have it sent in 10 minutes... finished writing it in 8... sent it by 9... received by 10... That is one hell of a shit-fest conclusion...


Moral of the story/Note to self:

Just do your work on time. That essay could have been great (she loved the thesis and was looking forward to reading and marking mine in particular.) Now it is just a piece of garbage that she is going to have to push herself through to mark...


Never! am I going to do this again!

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