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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I'm proud of My Texas Rangers. Even though we lost the World Series this team came the farthest they have ever been. Shut alot of doubters up!!Hats off to the Giants..you quieted the hell out of our bats and you won a well deserved Championship!!

Again Rangers..proud of you winning our Franchise our very first AL Title!!! You helped me fill some spots on my bucket list....


1. Going to my 1st ALDS game ( check)

2. Going to my 1st ALCS game ( check)

3. Watching you win your very 1st AL title and going to the WS (check)

4. Making my 7th tattoo a flaming baseball with the Texas logo ( check)

5. Going to my 1st Worlds Series (check)


Looking forward to 2011!!

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I had a dream a few nights ago in which I was on a TPR trip. Elissa was leading my group and our ERT consisted of running the course of some sort of GCI wooden wild mouse in a big line. An then we were stuck in a huge cave that had a door into a haunted house, so Elissa, several other random people, some of my friends, and I walked through trying to escape.

It was a little odd...

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