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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Some guy was selling baby turtles at a flea market. Poor turtles. Apparently it is legal if they are for educational purposes, so most sellers say that. It's an FDA thing that makes turtles under 4 inches illegal, and they kill the babies if they find them. It's good I didn't report the guy. I might buy them and bring them to school as we have many turtles and terrapins there.

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Today I stopped in at Jack in the Box for lunch. Before I even got to the counter, the lady got out a large soda cup and said, "You'll have two tacos, right?" Seems to me that I've become a creature of habit and need a little more variety in my life.


But on the plus side, she confirmed that the "meat" in Jack in the Box tacos is in fact soy. I've always thought it was, but now I have it on authority from an assistant manager.



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