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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I went to a bar mitzvah last night. Great party! The best I've ever been to! I went in with pretty low expectations because there was a DJ and no MC and it was a pool party, but it really was great. The DJ had good music ideas (he absolutely loathed the mainstream rap shit, as did me and a couple friends - we had a convo with him), the food was awesome (and free - an ACEr's dream), and it was fun to jump into the pool and do spins and flips. And I was staring at Sarah's ass for like fifteen minutes straight.

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^ Nooooooo, you don't.


^^ Hmmm. Random synergy. Me, too. Tho, not exxx-act-ly the fur....


^^^ You're waaay too young to know that kind of radio stuff.....


^^^^ Foreign language melt-down!!!


I do try my best here to keep up.....


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