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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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There once was a cow named Bob. He lived a normal life, untill he was put into a meat factory and DIED!!!! Bob is "what's for dinner"


The End.


(no, I am not a vegetarian, I was just bored)

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On Wednesday of this week,

at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 AM,

the time and date will be

01:02:03 04/05/06

That won't ever happen again in our lifetime. ( until 2106 )


You may now return to your normal life.


~ ~ ~ ~


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I went to the dick for dinner (dickerman dining commons) and I got the sweet and sour chicken with the rice. So I'm sitting with my friends Niki, Steve, Steve, and Ash, and I take a bite and I feel something stringy in my food. So I spit it out and it looks like a wad of hair, and I was like OH MY GOD! I was flipping out a bit. Niki almost gagged which caused me to gag too, Ash had to go the womens room for a few minutes because she thought she was going to puke. So I put it in a napkin and went into the kitchen and talked to one of the chefs, and he said that it was actually nylon from the nylon packaging from the rice, and that he deeply aplogizied that it got in my food and made me gag.

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The Lamentable Tale Of Bob:


Bob was a lonely man who lived a lonely life. He spent many-a-year living in a box. In said box, he pndered the meaning of life. Bob liked long walks on the beach an rock music.


One day, whilst tiptoeing through the tulips, Bob tripped and fell down a hole. In this hole, he met a clock named Frederick.


Frederick was a happy clock, who spent many-a-day ticking around town. Frederick had a happy little family of Swatches, or swiss watches, and he loved them with all his heart. Frederick liked running through feilds of daffodils and daisies, and regretted ever stepping foot in the tulip feild.


Bob and Frederick had a long and boring conversation about socks. In the end, Frederick kicked Bob's ass, and, whilst screaming in pain, Bob strangled, and killed, Frederick.


While still falling down the hole, though now in severe pain and guilt over killing a clock, Bob met Harrison the pillow.


Harrison was an angry pillow, who hated having people sleep on him. After all, would anyone want someone else to sleep on them? One day, Harrison grew so angry that he wound up strangling his owner, sliding down a drainpipe, running to a feild of tulips, and accidentally falling down a hole.


Bob, who was very tired, took a nap on Harrison, not knowing how angry this pillow was. Bob was never seen again.


Have a nice day!

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