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^ Honestly, please do not set up a script to Email Dan. It's one thing to be "funny" with it, but getting 400 emails from one person crosses the line of it being funny to it being annoying. If you want to set up a script for something, make it vote for I305 in the About.com poll!

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Does anybody else feel like this the TPR equivalent to whats happening in Libya? I mean, Dan hasn't gotten an facebook page yet, Giddhafi hasn't stepped down either. It just goes on and on and on...

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Sent! Message transcribed...


Subject: It's that thing under your bed


Dear Dan,


It's me that thing living under your bed. Seeing as you don't know of me yet, I'm a rare breed of donkey that inhabits dark and unattractive place. Particularly ones which have beds which don't shake frequently, or in your case, at all. Now there is one way that I may leave the caverns of your bed, and that is by you getting a facebook, and perhaps the social life that may follow. I require you warn me of 'intruders'' by placing a bottle of KY jelly next to the bed so I may be gone.



Donkey Master Jimbo

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Dan will be in Australia for the TPR Australia Trip starting at the end of this week until April 4. So make sure to send him LOTS of emails!


You can ask him things like:


- Have you jumped in a Kangaroo Pouch yet?

- Did you meet a diabetic Koala?

- Can you tell me the difference between vegemite and mold rot?

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www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_184928408218725 Oh the irony. Seriously though... join and get all others... even non tpr friends, to join and email. This is my new 2011 resolution, and I am damn adamant.


"The most ironic facebook group EVER! A facebook group about someone needing a facebook. Remember... our mission is to get Dan on facebook ASAP. Also email him and post your emails here. This is a vital mission and must be achieved as soon as possible. mrt0ad13@aol.com This email represents the most important part of the whole group. Email and post your emails here... hell, we'll do emails of the day or something like that. Join... get your non TPR friends to join... get your grandmother to join, get your dogs facebook page to join as all of those people(and animals) have a facebook and Dan does not. Lets make it happen people! "


JOIN NOW!!! Still post here of course, but spread the word as Dan must be the only person on earth to not have a facebook. Also if possible I would love the email Dan animation thing to be the groups logo, but if not thats cool. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!

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^If there was a TPR Olympics, getting Dan wet would be one of the main events, along with ACE Bashing, and Jeff Johnson credit counting.


Many possibilities with this, and I'm just bored enough to come up with a few.


* Fascination tournament

* Drunk Piers Alpine Slide Challenge - like a bobsled that never stops spinning!

* Alvey Hot-Wing Contest - judge points for speed/amount of consumption and most graceful evacuation of bowels

* PMW triathlon - too obscure?

* Cannonball contest - similar to diving competition, but the objective is to soak Dan, stationed beside the pool approx. 20 feet from the impact zone. Bonus points for shockwaves.

* Grizzly marathon - perhaps the most physically-draining of all events, save for the first third of PMW


...I should reeeeeally get some sleep.

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