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The "Rant" Thread


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My rant for today. I have perhaps the worst neighbors that anyone can possibly have. Some of the hobbies that these people enjoy include banging on our walls in the middle of the night, playing loud horrible music, kicking our door, and playing knock on door ditch, which is basically ding dong ditching, only with knocking on doors, and they do this daily. And until I took the whiteboard off my door, they would come and draw giant dicks there all the time. These people are assholes and I'm really looking foreword to the day I get away from them.

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Some people are assholes. I saw a production of Peter Pan and some dude was such an asshole he literally got kicked out of the theater. There was this kid behind him(probably 9 or 10), and every now and then he would slightly kick the mans chair when shifting(I was told he was autistic, but am not entirely sure.) The guy proceeds to turn around and tell the kid and his mother that he is about ready to cut off the kids f****** foot. The mother then complained to security and the guy turned to the kid and said fact the consequences for your f****** actions. A few minutes later a random lady got up and got security for the same guy, she had three small children and the guy was cussing like crazy... which was true from what we could hear three rows away. In the end he was escorted out and was threatened to be sued and his girlfriend/wife left him.


I kind of get this behavior at a sporting event, but this was a Broadway style production of Peter Pan. Then this guy keeps cussing at a(supposedly) autistic child. The kid was in the row in front of us and we could see him, he bumped the guys chair a few times, but like many autistic problem he seemed to have some issues with keeping still. Lastly Peter Pan is a show where it is expected there will be kids everywhere.


I don't know why, but the guy REALLY pissed me off. It was so unnecessary, and it was live theater, really no reason to get crazy over, especially when he didn't ask the child or mother to stop in the first place without practically cussing them off and causing the mother to cry because the guy cussed out her kid.


Some people are assholes.


^ They sound like assholes, but the giant dicks aspect is hilarious, my friend used to sign all his papers with a dick next to his name as my friends name is Richard, and that was his "emblem" as he put it. Too bad he went off to college... oh well.

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During my pre-colonoscopy appointment, they weighed me. While I've long known that I've been getting, shall we say, a bit bigger, the nurse said I was 190! So that means that I will need to hit the streets and a LOT more walking in.


The rant isn't the walking since I like that; it's the fact that I've gotten right back up to where I was when I was diagnosed as Sugar Challenged Type 2.


Bottom line: a lot of work ahead.



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Minor rant among my other ones that I don't feel like posting:


After all these years, Rollercoaster tycoon platinum comes out for the Mac. This includes the Wild! update that I've been waiting on and what I've had to hack to get it to work on my mac. Then of course I started playing it on the PC instead because of the crashes. So I happened to get a copy of Platinum for $19 online for Windows... you know how much they want for Mac? $49!


Somebody's drunk! I'll stick to the PC thank you!

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In my school anyone in 6th form can be a prefect. Very bad idea. I think that prefects should be wisely selected and trained. A recent experience multiplied my hatred for the system.


I walk down the corridor at lunch and a senior prefect (yes, you get prefects, senior prefects and head prefects) stops me and says in a vulgar tone "GET OUT" I say "excuse me" and he repeats himself in an even more vulgar tone. The prefect was rude and unreasonable. I was attending a meeting with my Maths teacher and had a very good reason. This would also most probably have been the case with all the others that the school prefects "kick out" of the building"


These prefects should be disciplined, seriously!


I would have had no problem if he had given a good reason or had been polite but he was just being rude.


Rant over.

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