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The "Rant" Thread


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My Target has a grocery section. Super Targets have even more than normal Targets!



Yeah, one of the Targets by me is a Target Greatland with pretty much anything for sale.


Its still a big box store either way. All big box stores (should) sell groceries along with other stuff (clothes, electronics, toys, etc).


Argggh! I can't catch a Scyther in Pokemon! I'm in Safari Zone and can't seem to find one anywhere.

As for this... Scyther is an absolute pain to find and a bigger d!~k to capture. You may be playing a game that doesn't have Scyther (it has Pinsir instead) or you just need to be really patient.


1. The Target Greatland sells groceries ALONG with Big Box stuff.

2. I've seen a Scyther before but now I can't find one. I think I will buy one from the Game Corner.

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I hate it when the people who deliver our messenger don't come, they are kids, but if it's raining on the day that they should be delivering the messenger, they don't turn up, which is understandable, however, they do not use any initiative to deliver the day after, or the day after that. So we (my family) don't have the tv guide, or the crossword (lol), so we don't know what's going on.



I'm going to go ahead and see what the Ministry of Labour thinks of it all.
Good for you, what they did was just mean, did they give you any warning about the fact that you might get fired?
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I got my first sunburn, ever. Yes I'm 17, haha. Anyways I went to Soak City and when I was offered some sunscreen, I was being cocky and refused it because I "don't get burnt". Well actually, I really wasn't being cocky, because I actually DID think that I don't get burnt, I've never had a sunburn in my life, haha.


It did not end up well, as my shoulders, my back, and some of my chest is pretty much in flames today. Maybe in flames is an exaggeration, but they burn!


Lesson learned: I burn.

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I was recording in a studio near me today and i found a sausage roll on a plate and of course i snaffled it down... after it had been sat in a 30 celsius room for about 5 hours.


Trouble is kicking off 'downstairs', i have a feeling i wont be sleeping very much tonight

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I really can't understand why some people don't understand that 'no' actually means 'no'. Difficult concept, I know. But, get with it!

It's not funny to by clingy.

It's not funny to be annoying.

and it's not funny to keep talking when someone is trying end a conversation.

I am so annoyed right now. I feel like screaming.

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Why don't people pick up their phone anymore? If I call my friends/family they won't pick up. However if I text them, they'll call me back within 5 minutes. Don't they realize that some people (like me) hate to text .

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My land lord own the apartments we live in as well as the business under them. Well, they decided to paint the roof of the building below ours today. Which is fine, except his staff choose not to take the 10 minutes to call all 5 apartments. It has now smelled like paint for 6 hours and due to being an apartment, has zero air flow.


I have no blame on the landlord as once we called him, he drove here to yell at people. Apparently the painters choose not to open the for door of the business to vent it and guess where the fumes go. That's right, straight up.

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In my most pessimistic moments, I never thought my Chicago area coaster trip (SFGAm and IB) would end up getting cancelled at a moment's notice due to lack of funds.


So now I'm stuck in TX for yet another year...I hope the Texas trip participants are enjoying themselves!

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Ants are freaking taking over my house.


They're in the pantry. They're in the kitchen. They're on the desk that I'm typing this on. They're on the couch. They're EVERYWHERE.


My dad already put some ant poison in the cracks they're coming through, so hopefully the invasion'll end soon.

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^ Ouch...


^^^ Our house is pretty much infested with ants too. You could use Chlorox to kill them, but they keep coming back. Try to keep your food sealed and make sure you don't have food crumbs lying about. Luckily it's not as bad at our home as it was a few years ago...


Rant: I was riding my bike to BGW to get some park maps to trade. I almost ended up getting heat stroke because it was so hot. When I got home, my parents dug through my backpack and found the maps. So I basically rode out to Busch for nothing.


After that, my dad got really pissed that I was doing an outline for my speech supposedly at the last minute. Then I found out that I got an 89 on my English summer course.


We're having guests come over this weekend so I had to vacuum the house using the $#!++!3$+ vacuum cleaner ever. While my parents were cleaning the house, they found my shredded WOF map that I was so close to finishing...


- I hope today's better...

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