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The Off-Season Survival Thread

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Sadly, it is time to dust the cobwebs off this thread and bump her up.


With most park's ending their 2011 season this weekend, it is time once again for the off-season. If you missed this thread last year, it is pretty simple. Discuss the things you do to fill that empty void in your life during the winter months. Do you eat junk food and ice cream to cope with your off-season depression? Do you stare at your Six Flags Park Map posters for hours on end? What do you do to survive the dreaded off-season???

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Watch "New for 2012" videos/animations as well as the always high quality TPR videos. Usually I forget about the off season during Christmas time and sometimes we even go to Florida over winter break, but then January through March are the most painful times. Thank God TPR doesn't have an off season.

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Now that it's pretty much officially the "off season", I'll mostly just be working more to both pay off the hole this past year has dug me and try to get together some funds for next years plans. I'm also going to Florida next week, so that's a fun little season extension. And I'm crossing my fingers for Europe in early spring, to start me off ahead of time! But yeah, school, work, friends. Maybe a good video game or two. Food Network. I'm happy.

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What is this off-season you're talking about? Sorry, I'm sure it can be hard for some people. I will be moving away from Florida in about 2 years, so I know I will get hit worst during the off-season.


Oh, I forgot to mention. The first person from Florida or California that rubs it in gets an automatic 24 hour ban!




Ah, that's right! You are kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum from the rest of us!

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1- Read TR's on this site, and plan trips to those parks for the distant future.


2- Scheme up ways to get someone to take me to a Florida park when I go next month.


3- Think about other stuff (sports).


It's not that bad for me because I go to parks during the season much less than most of you guys anyway.

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Yes, another offseason has started for me as well.

I think that the main thing I do is follow construction on many as many parksas I can think of. Then there is trip planning although I generally organize things as the season goes through.

The third thing is practice my favourite winter sport which is skiing! Also I follow the skiing races on TV.

And finally there's the soccer Champion's League!

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I guess reading coaster/park message boards and playing a lot of video games. Unfortunately, my other main interest after riding coasters is baseball which almost follows the coaster season, from April to October so it makes the off season extra boring.


I'm considering going to Sesame Place next month for their holiday event since it is only a 30 minute drive and their Vekoma Jr. Coaster is going to be open if it is warm enough out, so that will at least give me a small coaster fix.


And every year I'm still hoping that Hershey will consider at least opening up a coaster or two for Christmas Candylane. I'd gladly drive almost 2 hours even for Trailblazer. I don't understand why they can't. Sunday at Great Adventure it was in the mid 30's during the last hour the park was open and they didn't shut down any rides because of the cold so the rides can run in cold weather.


April 7th (Great Adventure's opening day) can't come soon enough.

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Video games, RCT projects to focus on, my other love: yoyoing. Time to learn some new tricks and stuff.


By the way, this end of CA does have an offseason and a 'limited operation' mode...But for me, I experience the 'off' mode since my home park's closed for the season.

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Been doing some RCT3 stuff (Trying to release my new dark ride in late Dec/early Jan), but I have better things. When our park season ends, our ski one begins. Thus, we don't have an off-season for getting an adrenaline fix. Note photos below:


Arapahoe Basin's Pallavicini


The sign at the top


I'm going for the first time this season on Sunday, and might hit this one. I've done it a few times, but it's hard as hell.

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