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  1. We announced today that the park is removing Wheelie to make room for SkyScreamer in 2013. Here is the press release with more information: I know you guys never like to see parks remove rides (we don't either), but at some point, rides pass their expected life and, due to a number of reasons, must be retired. We are excited that we will be replacing Wheelie with another exciting thrill ride that will be a family favorite just like Wheelie has been since 1977.
  2. There are no hotels that will provide a free shuttle to the park from those locations - Piedmont Park and Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l are both ~15 miles from the park. Like the previous poster said, you can take MARTA from both of these locations to the park - make your way to the Blue Line and go to HE Holmes Station - then you can take a bus shuttle to the park. However, this is a bit time-consuming. A taxi will cost you about $40 each way.
  3. We are still in the budgeting/assignment process for off-season maintenance, so I don't have an answer for that...
  4. ^Not much else to add - while I don't know all of the official FAA regulations, we do have to seek approval when we install anything that is, essentially, over the tree line. We even have to get approval or notify the FAA when we have fireworks shows (and even when we did a balloon release at the Dare Devil Dive media event).
  5. From all of the press releases and fact sheets I see nothing about where it is going in the park. Hopefully Brad can let us know! We haven't announced where in the park it will be (more to come later this season)... but I bet a few people on here can figure out the general area. I can say that the top of the ride will be within 2-feet of Goliath's lift height when you take into consideration the elevation change in the park. Typhoon Twister will be located near the Activity Pool at SFWW (adjacent to First Aid / Season Pass Processing).
  6. ^Hate to kill what would most likely become very entertaining rumors, but a tree fell and damaged the roof of the games area in Gotham City.
  7. You can use one BAF for $9.99 per Season Pass. If they are only visiting once, I recommend purchasing the additional tickets online 3-days in advance to save $20.
  8. Both of these hotels are in a good location close to the park. You can even take back roads to the park to avoid I-20 all together.
  9. Dare Devil Dive reservations are still only available to Platinum Flash Pass Holders, but there is no longer a charge.
  10. We are excited to host you guys again! Now it's crunch time to come up with awesome things to top last year!
  11. Although me saying the show is awesome may come across as bias, here are some reviews from park guests: Seeing the group perform in person is quite an experience. The choreography in the show could stand on its own, so adding in the technology of the suits and the illusions that come with it makes this something never done before in a theme park show. I definitely recommend getting to the theater at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before showtime as each performance has been a packed house.
  12. Because a grand prize to your home park would be a little lack-luster?
  13. It's possible the ride will still be open to the public. They could alternate a coasterthon train with a general public train - but the wait would be twice as long. Hopefully I'll be there riding in the coasterthon, as long as I'm one of the top 24 fundraisers. You are correct- we will have 1 train for park guests and 1 train for the coasterthon participants.
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