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Post What Halloween Event You've Been To!

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It's Halloween Season!


TPR loves to know what our members all over the world are doing! With so many different Halloween events going on, post which ones you've been to this year, or you plan on going to.


It can be a park event or even a small local Halloween maze.


If you have a picture of the event...even better! Post that too!


Post what Halloween Events you've been to now!


Here's me at Knott's Halloween Haunt!

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Did the haunt event at Knott's, food was great, Robb was creepy. Kinda did Fright Fest at SFMM, only got three mazes in and a scare zone, pretty awesome though.


The kids did Camp Spooky, kid friendly monsters, trick or treat and even a kid cornstalkers maze. Sea Worlds Spooktacular was cool, tons of candy from the trick or treat (even adults can trick or treat), fun characters all over the place, special pirate 4D movie which was pretty good, and a Sesame Street show featuring The Count. Of course the kids dressed in costume for these, quite a few kids were dressed up. I still have to go to SFMM for their kid friendly stuff and maybe another shot at some mazes.


Other than that, took the family to Peltzer Farms in Temecula for the corn maze and pumpkin patch. Still got a few pumpkin patches to hit. Oh and Santa Ana Zoo has a Boo at the Zoo event. Um, then theres Bass Pro Shops Halloween event which features the Peanuts gang, the whole Great Pumpkin thing I guess. And we wrap it all up with a trip to my aunts old folks home for some trick or treat, which is oddly enough called "Cypress Gardens".



My son at Peltzer Farms pumpkin patch.


Camp Spooky.


One of the mazes in Camp Spooky, the foam wasn't working.


Shirts from the Haunt event.


Shamu and the kids, yes they have multiple costumes.


Some of the special characters they have at Sea World for Halloween, these guys sang to the kids.

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Took the kids to Discovery Kingdom for Fright Fest. Fun, but you can tell some corners were cut this year. The best thing about this park for Halloween is the effort they put into changing the animal shows. The Dolphin show for this year was absolutely amazing, themed to a 70's disco.


Front Fountain


Fog Horn back from the dead


Host for the Disco

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I've done events at both Cedar Point and Kings Island.


Taking all three of my boys and my little cousin to Cedar Points Halloweekends this saturday also. My boys have said repeatedly that the day we all go to Halloweekends is our single favorite day of the year.


Taken in Cedar Point's Fright Zone.

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So far, we've done Horror Nights at USH 5 nights (including employee preview), Haunt at Knott's once (we'll do it again Halloween night), Nightmare at Fairplex (LAME), Dark Harbor at Queen Mary (we'll be going back again this Saturday). Probably gonna squeeze in a visit to the haunted mazes down the street from us at Pierce College.

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I went to Spooky World in NH for the first time this year. I was shocked at how good the mazes were. There were a ton of great effects and plenty of scares. I would avoid the minigolf at the place. It has to be one of the worst designed courses I've ever seen.


I may head to The Factory of Terror or Asylum of Terror over the weekend.

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I've done 3 events this season: Universal's Halloween Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom & Howl-O-Scream: My X - Revenge Rocks! at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.


At Universal's Halloween Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear


Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom.


Howl-O-Scream: My X - Revenge Rocks! at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

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I'm lucky enough to live right down the street from a haunted house that consistently gets ranked as one of the best in the nation. It's called the Dent Schoolhouse and it's really in a creepy old schoolhouse. The theme is consistent throughout, without ever straying away into the haunt cliches.





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The Nightmare factory at tha Oregon School for the Deaf received an Extreme Makeover Home Edition makeover this past September. I can only post a few pictures for you now (I am under a photo embargo), but once Halloween passes I can post a full report for you all.



Our new sign


yep, that's ROb Zombie. He was our guest star. Nice guy.

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Alton Towers Scare fest, A New attraction this year the carnival of Screams as well as a new and highly improved boiler house.


Not to mention the Haunted walk through of the Towers (Included in Standard Park Admission, Boiler & Carnival are upcharge)

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I've been to Coney Island's Fall-o-ween event 6 times (yay for working there), and the Kings Island Haunt 3 times so far. I had planned on going up to CP and/or SFGAm, but now that I have a new job thats weekends only, I think the best I can do is a few more trips to KI, and maybe CP if I get lucky and have a friday off...

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Unfortunately only Fright Fest at SFMM. Didn't go through the mazes, but I did go through one of the scare zones and on two of the special attractions (Colossus Backwards and X2: Area 19).


The scare zone I went through was the one in Gotham City, and I didn't get scared once! I literally only counted 5 or 6 scareactors in the whole area.


Colossus Backwards was nice, but definitely rough! But X2: Area 19 was decent, definitely better than what I was expecting. Mainly it's just a new soundtrack, but the queue area is themed to look like it's been invaded by aliens and the ride ops wear grey lab coats, which I thought was a nice touch (especially for Six Flags).


So I had fun, but as far as scares go, this fell flat for me...but then again, I missed two of the other scare zones and didn't go through the mazes in favor of going on some of the rides in the dark (Riddler, Batman, X2, Scream, etc).

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Halloween rivals Christmas as my favorite time of year! So far we've been to Six Flags America Fright Fest and a local Murder Mystery Night event for which I write the script each year.


The best is yet to come, however--I'm in the final planning stages for Treat Street, my third annual Halloween event for kids in my area who are otherwise unable to trick-or-treat due to drugs, crime, sex offenders, etc., in their neighborhoods. We're expecting a crowd of about 750 this year between kids, parents and volunteers. It was a nice event the first couple years, but this year things have really taken off. We'll have 12 candy tables (up from our usual eight), three games, five mascots, two clowns performing and giving away balloons, a stockade photo op, story time, a coloring tent, face painting, and giveaways including treat bags, trading cards, temporary tattoos and shaped rubber band bracelets. This is the first year we have not been grant funded, and we've actually collected so many community sponsorships that we should be able to roll some of the money over as seed funding for 2011. I'm most excited about our two national corporate sponsorships--Papa John's and Pepsi--through which we are receiving 90 percent of our volunteer food 100 percent free!


Sorry for being so long-winded. I'm kind of excited... can you tell?


A night out with Dr. Cadaver at Six Flags America Fright Fest...


...and zombie Michael Jackson!


This year's Murder Mystery Night was pirate themed. Next year we're talking about doing a wedding-themed event.


I "borrowed" the idea from the logo from Disney California Adventure's Halloween overlay. To raise money next year, we're contemplating selling paper candy corns for $1 to be taped to the wall at local businesses like the MDA shamrocks or American Cancer Society footprints.

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