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Last concert you attended?


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^ Speaking as a stumbling geriatic case in my 50s, may I remind you, Junior, that if it weren't for the stupid use of drugs, the Rolling Stones almost certainly wouldn't be where they are today?


(Which, depressingly, turns out to be somewhere named "Petco Park.")

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If I don't count seeing bands in clubs, I would have seen U2 last friday at Sydney Olympic Stadium but they postponed. I think the Offspring last year or maybe Pearl Jam on the Riot Act Tour, probably Offspring was the last - were'nt as good the last time I saw them.

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I saw O.A.R. at Clowes Memorial Hall in Indy on April 4th. It was amazing as always (it was my 6th time seeing them). Those guys really know who to rock. It was also the smallest venue I've seen them play which made the show that much greater.


Next up: Goo Goo Dolls and Counting Crows at the Tweeter Center in Chicago on August 18th and Ben Harper at Verizon Wireless Music Center in Indy on August 31st.

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Kid Rock in March at Universal Studios for Mardi Gras. Pretty awesome as he started dropping the F-word and people started getting all offended and getting their kids out of there fast!!


Heart on April 8 also at Universal. For being a band from the 80's, they can still put on a great show.


Upcoming...Def Leppard w/Journey on July 11

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I saw Yellowcard, Mae and Over It two weeks ago at San Jose State Event Center.


I also saw Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects, and Hawthorne Heights three weeks ago at the Event Center.


I was supposed to go see E-40 on Wed night at the HP Pavillion, but I have class so that is no longer happeneing.


OH Well.

Yellowcard Concert Pictures



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I just remembered. We saw Zoso, a Led Zeppelin tribute band not too long ago at a small club in Chattanooga, TN. I'm not real big on "tribute" bands, but I gotta say this.....if you're a Led Zep fan at all, you need to catch these guys if they're in town. They are the closest you'll get to Paige and Plant aside from, well, Jimmy and Robert themselves...guaranteed!!


Check out their website for tour info. They are constantly touring clubs; generally east of the Mississippi.



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Went to Hugh Cornwell of the stranglers last night.

It was an acoustic set and he was fantastic, unfortunately the crowd ere dreadfull and talked all the way through. he was pretty pissed off. ( or pissed if you are American) ( Thats not Drunk, if you are English)


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I truly wanted to go see Queen+Paul Rodgers, but it didn't happen. Last concert was the "Eagles" in Nov. 2004. Great show-all the hits plus Joe Walsh's funny antics-truly worth the price of admission. Best concert I have EVER seen (not even my favorite band) was AC/DC on "The Razor's Edge" Tour. I felt like I owed THEM money after watching them perform. Plus it introduced me to their opening act "King's X" which is wholeheartedly the MOST underrated rock trio in the history of the U.S.

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The last concert I went to was just amazing! I saw Bon Jovi in Atlantic City at the Boardwalk Hall.


He starts out in the middle of the arena and runs through the crowd after singing his first song. Then, after performing a bunch, Richie starts to sing Ill Be There for You, and who appears in the crowd in front of me...well, behind me, but of course I turned around. WOAH BABY!


sorry the images are small...i have these on another site and it is just a pain to keep resizing since my images are such a high quality.


this was my actual stage view...

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