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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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Not only would it require a ludicrous amount of power for a single launch, but the cost to run it daily would be astronomical. Each time you double a ride's speed, you need 4x the energy. The amount of built up electrical energy needed to launch Kingda Ka would be very high. Not to mention, the installation costs would also need to be factored in. Overall, it's most likely not gonna happen.


This energy is stored in the cables at extremely high tensions which can be relatively reliable if properly maintained and inspected periodically. However, storing energy at such high tensions can result in the snapping of the cable. It's not that commonplace for it to happen. It's only happened around 3-4 times in the 10 years intamin has been making these Accelerator coasters.

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Has there ever been any incident with cable on an S&S air launched coaster?


Powder Keg breaks down a lot, but it's usually due to problems with the laser alignment of the track. I've never heard, at least on a day I was there, that there was a problem with the cable.


(Does S&S even use cables?)

They surely do. You can see it here on Powder Keg's launch track:


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The first signs of marketing for SW7 appeared overnight and guests visiting the park today were met with the following symbol - placed in various locations en route from the park entrance to X Sector, where the ride is being constructed. Following revelations about a "Ministry of Joy", this picture certainly seems to fit the bill - and could be the new rides logo?


It was found on pathways, fences, even on the lawns:



More pictures can be seen here:




Image from towersstreet.com news.


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^ How is the second maze fitting in the towers? Ar they altering the one that is already there?


I'd be a shame to downgrade the one in the towers because I really like that one. It's a good 10 minute walkthrough and I love the ending!


Don't worry, Terror of the Towers will be 95% the same - only they'll be using a different access door from Her Ladyships garden. The Sanctuary is believed to use the Conservatory entrance and will travel into the West Wing!


Both mazes sound like they'll be a decent length, and some changes are also coming for Carnival.

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A recent update of the site so far. Very interesting as to how deep they have dug. And especially those girders in the ground. Rumours are spreading that the ride could have a possible underground section, and also that alton towers don't want the public to see much of the track. Very interesting rumours. But are they true. Anyway, here are a collection of pictures.










All pictures taken by Stretchy on the Towersstreet forum. More pictures in the link.


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It seems that a lot of people on here are worried that it's a Gerstlauer...


If you have tried 'Fluch von Novgorod' at Hansa-Park (Germany) you wouldn't be.

This coaster is nothing less than AMAZING. Smooth, quiet (which is so very important to AT) and super intense.

On top of that they have themed it impeccably.


I wonder if AT have been inspired by 'Fluch von Novgorod'...


Also, couldn't the beyond vertical drop be indoors? If they indeed still claim that this feature will be part of the coaster.


It is difficult with the pricing of a project, as mentioned before in this thread, but I know for a fact that Gerstlauer are cheaper than most manufacturers, which would allow for the extensive ground work and also open up to a very high standard of theming for the ride.


I for one can't wait to see the unfolding of this coaster :•)


PS. The logo does imply multi-inversions. However, I find it hard to believe that this coaster would break Eejanaika's record of 14 inversions (although I am not a big fan of this particular record, since they in my opinion aren't real inversions)...

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Just looking through the #getcorrected tweets, I came across a link to this coaster site from the UK:




Assuming the countdown is for the announcement, it's on October 27th at midnight, EST.


PS. The logo does imply multi-inversions. However, I find it hard to believe that this coaster would break Eejanaika's record of 14 inversions (although I am not a big fan of this particular record, since they in my opinion aren't real inversions)...


I never understood how they count the inversions for the 4D coasters - on X, for example, your body is upside down only twice. If this thing had more than 10 inversions, it would break the record as far as I'm concerned.


EDIT: At the same time, the official website has a countdown for 165 days from now, so in March 2013.


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^ Is the 165 days the announcement or the opening?

Opening I hope I think they won't announce it on March 1st.

Wonder what's going to make it a world beating. This ride is going to be great.


I'm still wondering on the builder. Seeing the track is not from Gerstlaurer but more Premier or Maurer style, I would still say one of those above Gerstlaurer.

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