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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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Let's see if I'm getting this right. A piece of track that can flip 360 degrees around his axis? If so I wonder how that looks and feels. Sure does make it a world first like promised.


I imagine it would feel similar to Collosus' quadruple roll, but in a stationary position. They'd most likely rotate the track piece at the heart line.


I really want to see/hear more about this. I look forward to seeing exactly what that that new maze from Scarefest TRs.

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^^ Yes please do that Alton Towers. I love the SW7 rumors so far. But thinking about the rumors this ride must have small trains, large trains will simply be to heavy and will need a big piece of track to flip on. Looking forward to the building progress of this ride and can't wait to visit Alton Towers as soon as possible.

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From Towersstreet news, today:


After our article on Monday reporting local newspaper The Sentinel had announced some of SW7's ride statistics, there was much discussion and confusion on one specific mention in the article that the ride would have a capacity of 64 people per ride.


Today, Alton Towers have now clarified that the ride will carry 16 passengers per train in a configuration of 4 rows of 4 seats. Since the ride was first announced, speculation on the seating configuration has been rife. Standard Eurofighter cars, such as those on SAW: The Ride at sister park THORPE PARK consist of 2 rows of 4. Concerns were raised by fans of the park, including on our forum that such a configuration may result in large queues due to the ride's low capacity.


Although seating configuration rumours can now be put to bed, the secret element of next season's new attraction remains a closely guarded secret. With the end of the 2012 season fast approaching it seems little will be revealed down at the construction site itself before the park closes.


Meanwhile, with the park's programme of marketing coming to and end for this year, news of the new ride has now started to reach national outlets, with mentions this week in The Daily Mail, ITV News and on BBC Radio 2. This is only expected to increase over the coming weeks and months.


Finally, this weekend sees Scarefest return to the park following the previewevent last weekend. The resort's new paid maze "The Sanctuary" has been billed as a prequel to the theme for SW7 by the park, with a number of positive reviews from our readers. If you'd like to read up before you head to the park this weekend, or if you even can't make Scarefest check out our all new Scarefest Guide. You'll find a run down of all of the attractions on resort for the event, and if you don't want to find out too much before you visit, don't worry - we've hidden them away on a separate page!




So - the ride will have 16 seater ride vehicles... interesting!

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Sounds like It'll have vehicles similar to those on Revenge of the Mummy.




Another thing to consider with this ride is whether or not it'll be using Gerstlauer new Eurofighter lapbars. Anyone who's ridden Iron Shark mind chiming in about how these might hold up when being inverted for extended periods of time?

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Major new accommodation coming 2014?




Article, from Towersstreet news:

Alton Towers have today revealed they plan to construct 'themed lodges' as part of a major expansion of the resort hotels, for the 2014 season.


With the news coming as a surprise to many, they will be built on the meadow adjacent to the Alton Towers Hotel, land which has been previously used for scare mazes and overflow car parking.


The news, which broke from the staff newsletter 'The Pulse', has come at a time when interest in theme park developments is already sky high, with Scarefest underway, Fireworks coming soon and the £18million investment in 2013 rollercoaster, Secret Weapon Seven.


With this combined investment, it would seem that Alton Towers' position as the UK's most popular theme park resort is assured for years to come, and we look forward to bringing you more news on this exciting development very soon!


Great news!

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According to TowersStreet.com, track's just been delivered!


Work on Alton's new 'Secret Weapon' has stepped up yet another gear today when the first parts of the ride's track arrived on resort. The staff car park behind Duel was cordoned off and closed on Monday in preparation for track to be stored before being brought down to the construction site for assembly.


We currently have one picture showing track (thanks to TowersStreet member Ellie!) but will strive to bring you more as soon as possible:



With the end of season fast approaching, and with the park's late opening over the remainder of Scarefest and just one more weekend until the park's end of season Fireworks spectacular, it is not thought a great deal of track construction will be seen over the remainder of the 2012 season.


That said, we will of course bring you as many updates as we can on TowersStreet News and our Facebook page. As always, make sure you check out the ever popular TowersStreet Talk to discuss SW7 and to also take part in discussion on the park's new Scarefest maze for this season 'The Sanctuary', much touted as the prequel to SW7.


And finally if that's not enough to whet your appetite, don't forget our SW7 mini site for a timeline of construction updates along with a summary of what we know about the ride so far!

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