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Photo TR: Evacuated from Disney's Nemo Ride!


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We got stuck on the Nemo Submarine ride at Disneyland for about 40 minutes last Wednesday, and were ultimately evacuated through the grotto - a surprise treat! It was the cherry on the top of an already spectacular Disneyland day. We did the 1-day park-hopper, and got on everything we wanted using fast passes only twice. The longest wait of the day was 15 minutes.


Ride tally:


Soarin' 1

Monsters Inc. 1

California Screamin' 2

Toy Story Midway Mania 1

Maliboomer 2

Mulholland Madness 1

Grizzly River Run 1

Jungle Cruise 1

Pirates of the Caribbean 1

Splash Mountain 2

Winnie the Pooh 1

Big Thunder Mountain 1

Nemo 1

Space Mountain 2

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters 2

Indiana Jones 1


Here are some pictures of the Submarine Ride evacuation:



What do you mean "we'll be here 'quite' a while"?!?


A look at the channel inside the grotto.


They gave us hard hats!!


There was like 4 feet between the catwalk and the ceiling.


A close-up look at one of the subs.


I think this is the inward-bound channel. Looks like a mini James Bond villain underground lair.


The Japanese enjoy their evacuations.


Here's where the path branches off to the outside.


The exit from the inside.


The exit from the outside.


We emerge on a dirt path underneath the Fantasyland Autopia.


The boy and I know that what we just saw was more valuable than what they're going to give us for the "inconvenience".


The suits come out to give us in food vouchers and 3 family-size fast passes. We re-enter the park from behind Small World.


What a great day!!!

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Wow! Thanks for posting that! It's probably been 20 years since I've walked around inside that building. Looks pretty much the same!


--Robb "Still haven't been on the Disneyland version of the Nemo ride..." Alvey

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Wow, this is cooler than the time I was evacuated from Journey to Atlantis in Sea World (Orlando) before the first largest drop; too many stair cases! You guys are lucky you got food vouchers and fast passes, all I got was a ticket to skip the line for the same ride!

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I think this is the inward-bound channel. Looks like a mini James Bond villain underground lair.


My God! Disney is in league with Spectre! "Kill Bond! Now!"


Now that would be one cool evac--thanks for sharing.

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That was really cool. I've always wondered what it actually looked like in there. The compensation must have also helped to brighten your day.


Seeing this made me remember of when I had to be evacuated from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride when I was around four years old. Even then, I was really interested in everything there, and since we had to walk backward from the train crash (second to last room) we got to see almost the entire ride. They gave each person evacuated an exit pass good for two people so we used them to skip the lines on Peter Pan and Splash Mountain (which I didn't like). This was in the days before Fastpass so it was extra cool to be able to skip the long lines.

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Awesome, i would have loved to see that. I never even got to ride in the caboose of the train, much less walk through bowels of Disney (ewww that sounds nasty). I did get evacuated from indiana jones a couple times, was cool to see with the lights on, and got to look up close at indy at the end of the ride, kinda freaky. But, it did kind of ruin the illusion, i mean allot of that stuff is just smoke and mirrors, but it looks cool in the dark. Congratulations.

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This is very cool! It's always sweet to see backstage pictures of Disney rides. Now I actually kinda want to get stuck on a ride and get evaced. Now how did the sub break down? Do you know?


I don't know the cause of the breakdown. They gave us very little information.

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Great trip report!


It's nice to have a little 'Extra' Adventure during your Disneyland trip.


I'm glad Disney took such good care of its park patrons. The $40 in food vouchers was a nice bonus, I had to exit Splash Mountain on one of the lift hills once and I received a reticket to ride. (Though I wasn't stuck on the ride as long as you were.)


I liked seeing the inner working of the ride, I hope more people will post reports like these when something unexpected happens. Now your kids will have a great story to tell to their friends for years to come.

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Last fall I got walked off of the Autopia from way out in the middle of it (got an exit pass for any attraction for the inconvenience). I thought getting to walk along the Autopia track was cool enough, but your experience totally ruled over mine. Honestly, I'm surprised no one told you not to take pictures---and thanks for doing so. I've always wondered what it looked like in there.



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^That's an interesting point about not taking photos.


I was at the park this past New Years and at one point the park was so packed that they funneled us through the employee walk-thru at the end of Main Street to where it exits in Tomorrowland. While I was walking by the outside of Space Mountain I snapped a couple of photos and one of the cast members told me 'no photos please'.


But being that Disneyland has been around for 55 years, I would guess that a Google search would probably turn up just about any photo imaginable from anywhere in the park.

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Wow! 40 minutes in the sub? Crazy. Good to hear Disney took care of you guys so well though!


I wonder if their compensation ratio is based off $1 in food per minute stuck on an attraction?


The fastpasses were a nice touch also. They easily would allow those stuck to make up the lost time and then-some.

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You lucky dawgs! I never get an evac or roll back! Sometimes I question why I even got into this hobby. Oh! I remember! It's cause Robb is one sweet, spicy, deep fried, hawt piece of a$$!


Oh, and thank you for proudly displaying your Chargers Bolts. GO CHARGERS!


Guy "Will I ever get an evac? C'mon! There has to be somebody well connected with some park to get me my evac?" Koepp

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Very neat. Why can't bad stuff like this (getting stuck on a ride) every happen to me????


Ok, now I have done it, now I will get stuck upside down on an invert or something like that. Yes, I know it can not happen, but I have just tempted the gods.

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