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  1. What does it mean to have a buyout? Does it mean that all the coasters will be available to us at that time? Does it involve another group of people?
  2. Is there any possibility of a discounted Flash pass for the SFMM day?
  3. I would go to this event regardless of the details, and have already bought my tickets. For me the t-shirt, the food, the backstage tours, and the presentation are all incidental to the event. For me West Coast Bash is all about ERT. So it doesn't really bother me that the SFMM tours and presentation have been taken off the menu, but I am concerned about the reduction of ERT and the number of coasters offered. It seems like SFMM is going backwards: 3 years ago: 5 coasters for morning ERT, all coasters for evening ERT, 4 hours total. 2 years ago: 6 coasters for morning ERT, all coasters for evening ERT, 4 hours total. Last year: 5 coasters for morning ERT, 4 coasters for evening ERT, 4 hours total. This year: 5 coasters total, 3 hours total. Don't get me wrong, I'm still amazed that this happens at all and will always be grateful to Robb and Elissa for introducing me to those three magic letters (E, R and T). The price is still very reasonable as well. I have no knowledge of WCB attendance numbers, but looking at the group photos for the last 3 years it seems like attendance has increased every year. I think last year we even shared the SFMM day with another enthusiast group and that was apparent at ERT. Given these factors, I'm wondering if we can still expect ERT with empty air gates or if we should expect short waits. Either way, I'm really looking forward to it.
  4. Is there a story explaining why David and Spears call their place "the Robot Warehouse"? Another great TR, BTW. I love Danielle's increasingly frustrated expressions and how David has the same goofy one with or without SuperShawn. I've really got to hand it to you guys for doing the Coasting for Kids thing. On Jaguar. Jaguar, the perfect blend of pointlessness and uncomfortable seating. I would have shot myself in the head 15 minutes into the first day.
  5. I got to pile on here and give you kudos for some great original shots of the park, esp 305. Good work!
  6. Wow,,,, just WOW. You guys are artists. Thank you for the time and effort you put into that. I was wondering how you would top last year's X2 onride zen meditation pose photo, and holy sh!t, you absolutely destroyed it! I loved the B&W animated shot with all the TPR reference tatoos ("I AM BEBE" - LMAO). Corey, you are hilarious!! Thanks for including me - that was totally cool.
  7. We only attended the SFMM day this year and despite the scaled back nighttime ERT we had a blast!! Morning ERT was awesome, the best for us for the last 3 years. It was great seeing Corey and Danielle as always, and it was cool just getting a chance to shake Robb's hand and thank him for organizing this event from Orlando this year. The park was not crowded at all during the day this year and it did not rain so nothing could stop us from riding all we wanted. We did not need a Flashpass. Station waits for most of the coasters with the only waits more than 15 minutes were Riddlers (due to single train operation), Tatsu, Goliath and X2, and we had ERT on all of those. Regarding evening ERT: with Revolution and Viper having station waits all day nobody really cared to use ERT to ride them, making X2 and Tatsu the focal points. When night ERT started pretty much everyone attending WCB was at those two coasters, which made it feel not so much like ERT at all. I hear that the crowds thinned out by the last half hour or so but we were pretty wiped out by around 9pm, and left the park very happy with the day. It's hard to ride the two most intense coasters at the park over and over again when you've been up since 4:30am. Does anyone else find it harder and harder to make it through that pretzel loop? I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised with Colossus and Gold Rusher (which for some reason I couldn't stop calling "Ghost Rider"). Nighttime rides on those two classic coasters were among the funnest rides of the day. I also have to say that lunch was pretty bad. On the order of dog food. Besides lunch, the only other minor disappointment of the day was that when Neil got up to address us in the morning before letting us in the park he hinted at "lots of surprises". The only surprises I was aware of were the Scream/Riddler's switcheroo for morning ERT, being let into the park three minutes early, and the fact that about 11 people were going to get a tour of the new haunt mazes. If they had opened just one surprise coaster for evening ERT I would not have been disappointed, but they didn't. I guess I have been spoiled by past WCBs. All in all, the good outweighed the bad, and we will board the Alvey train every time. We love Magic Mountain and we love Theme Park Review, and West Coast Bash is very special to us - we'll be there next year for sure!!! My 101st credit!
  8. Does anyone know if there are any rides closed for maintenance at SFMM? I can't seem to find anything on their website. Also, there is some mystery surrounding the pricing of the Flashpass for more than one person. The website has the one-person price but not the additional charges for additional people. Specifically, does anyone know how much a Gold Flashpass is for three people this year? Also, does anyone know what time the Flashpass office opens? That's not covered on the Six Flags website either. Finally, does anyone have a good idea if a Flashpass will be needed this weekend? It's pre-season, but it's also a three-day weekend. Thanks in advance.
  9. This is a private event, it will not be on the parks website. It does NOT coincide with Coaster Enthusiast Day as that will be open to all clubs and season pass holders. Theme Park Review prefers smaller events with OUR people only. As for the shirt, correct, only shirts for Knott's Participants. SFMM was already very expensive and they did not want to provide a shirt. Thanks, Elissa. That's really good news.
  10. Yes. Knott's is doing one for us this year. I assume that if you only attend on Saturday, you're SOL on the t-shirt?
  11. The SFMM website doesn't say anything about this - is WCB going to coincide with Coaster Enthusiast Day this year? Just curious. Me and the kids will be there either way.
  12. ^That looks like an outdated photo to me. I believe the wooden coaster is Psyclone,not Apocalypse.
  13. First, thank you for calling me a "lady" and not a "creepy" something. Second, please accept my apology for sounding like I was bitching at you. I was not. I was -- or, I should say, I was attempting to -- make a joke. My sense of humor can be a little sharp at times, and apparently was not clear. To clarify for those reading this who were not present, Robb had been giving "stage directions" to those present along the lines of "TPR People: Act enthusiatic!" I asked him if it was ok if those of us who were not TPR people were enthusiastic, too. When Robb responded, "Yes," I thought he got the joke. If I had realized he thought I was serious, I would have apologized right then and explained (instead of continuing kidding with my husband about being "mean" to "poor Mr. Alvey"). I am so, so sorry for the misunderstanding. The last thing I want to do is cause any problems between our organizations. Again, I hope you, Mr. Alvey, and all of you in TPR, will accept my apology for any misunderstanding. That being said, I had a great time Wednesday morning with all of y'all, and I enjoyed meeting those of you I had a chance to talk to and ride with and wave at the helicopter with. I AM A WINDSEEKER! I have to say I heard the comments also and thought the same thing Robb did. Forgive my jumping to conclusions - I'm really glad you posted to straighten things out.
  14. I was surprised at Ghost Rider's deterioration because it ran so well during WCB. I had 3 rides, all great. Yesterday it was truly awful, not the worst (Georgia Cyclone), but awful. It's such a great layout that I wish I could go back in time. Thanks to Knott's for opening up Windseeker to us - loved it - and for letting us enjoy the park afterward. Thanks to Robb for inviting us and for putting so much energy and work into making everything he's involved with 1st class. Thanks to Elissa for the behind the scenes work yesterday. Me and the kids had a wonderful time. I really enjoyed meeting and riding with Dave and chatting with Robb and some of the other TPR members.
  15. Why is everyone so concerned about how many tickets were sold to West Coast Bash? Why does it matter? Are you concerned about the lines during ERT? Well, don't be. You guys need to TRUST US that we wouldn't put on an event where people would have to wait in line. Don't worry about how many tickets were sold. Worry about showing up to the event and having an excellent time! I'm so glad to hear that. The "Coaster Enthusiast Day" factor had me a little worried. Back to counting minutes...
  16. One more tip: If you're planning on riding X2, make sure your pockets are adequate - shorts-style pockets will not hold a cell phone, for instance, on that ride. The first time I rode X2 I lost my keys, my cell phone and my Parkinson's medication. Fortunately I had a backup supply of medicine, my cell phone was found, and my friend was driving.
  17. ^Nice. I think rather than strategic advantage it's humility. It's not for Robb to say how awesome (and well-attended) his events are. They speak for themselves.
  18. A song for WCB: [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=ERT1_9x89[/coastertube]
  19. Does anyone know the attendance at last year's event? Actually, it would be really cool to know the attendance at WCB for the last few years. If anyone's on the fence about this, don't hesitate. One of the best times I've ever had. As long as there's a WCB I'll be there.
  20. I apologize in advance... will someone please explain the "haunted Wisconsin wheelchair lady photo" referenced on pages 2 & 3? Thanks! Really enjoying the reports, by the way.
  21. I had to ask my wife about this, because I couldn't remember, but it was just a helping hand. We had to step over a small gap between catwalk and submarine. Thanks for the info ('bump cap').
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