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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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i have only ridden the untrimmed version, so i don't have an informed opinion on how the trims affected it, but i believe in its untrimmed form, i305 has the greatest first drop of any coaster in the world. the lift hill is very fast and throws you out of your seat for some quality air as you crest the apex, and you remain airborne for the entire 300-foot decent.

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^No, Cedar Fair decided against that I believe, they are both forwards now. It is still an awesome ride, and Grizzly really can't be beat for the night rides which are totally insane!


As long as the insane night rides don't end up putting us out of commission for the next day, I'm all for it. Unfortunately, the park closes at 6 on the weekdays we're there, I think.


What are the tips for economical or cost effective dining (aside from bringing a cooler in the trunk) these days?

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Coming late to the thread also I'm glad to see the drop untamed again that was truly a thing of beauty being slung over the top and the out of your seat 300 foot free fall. I never rode the trimed version either so I can't judge that version, Millie's drop is still great and has a stunning view but I350 scared the total crap outta me lol

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I can hear the Angels singing now...


But I can only hope those lovely, forceful, blackout-inducing G's will be there... although I have severe doubts about that.


Damn GP. If it LOOKS like it's TALL, and it's a top-five speed coaster, it's going to be intense. If they can't handle it- go ride a junior coaster. Leave the REAL rides for the grownups.



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