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  1. Do they sell pickles anywhere in the park? Not the spicy kind... I got one of those at Knott's and it almost did me in.
  2. Maybe there should be cameras pointed at the crowd so that the booers can be disgraced on a Coaster Expedition video.
  3. Very timely, what with the Smurf nostalgia going on at the KD thread right now and all. Guess KD's never getting Smurf stuff back now.
  4. Between the singing mushrooms and the Smurfs and Yogi Bear walking around, I'm guessing it was a pretty fun place to be a little loopy.
  5. I was browsing the BGW website and ran across the Dining page. 1) Dining Certificates Here's the rundown: Silver: entree & drink, $11.99 Gold: entree, side & drink, $13.49 Platinum: entree, 2 sides & drink, $14.79 Do they give free water at the restaurants? Is this the equivalent of getting a free drink? Or is it better than that? 2) They've got a Souvenir Drink Cup Certificate listed for $5.59. How much are souvenir cups normally? 3) They've also got something listed called the Busch Gardens Williamsburg Meal Deal Package for $26.99: Does anyone know what
  6. Harsh. I'm not a big fan of fan voting for much of anything these days. You see situations where Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady are voted into the NBA All Star game even though they're both injured and out for the year. It's all a take it with a grain of salt situation. Still, they have their place because they're fun to participate in and polls on big name websites like About.com help attract mainstream attention to the industry and that's a good thing, right? After all, parks need more than just the enthusiasts' dollars to build ginormous coasters like i305. A prevalent problem with coa
  7. Thanks for the feedback. The problem with $35 tickets is that it's an extra stop and no free parking, so that'd be $140 + $20 for parking, so ~$160. The park is only open until 6 PM on the days I'm going, so after 4 PM tickets isn't really an option. Thanks for the suggestion to check eBay. I'll take a look.
  8. I put a similar post in the BGW thread, but my wife and I will be in the Williamsburg area over spring break. Planning on going to KD for 1 or 2 days, depending on weather. Thinking the best strategy for the 1 or 2-day flexibility and cheapest price is to get one VIP Season Pass and then use the $25.00 Bring a Friend Discount for the other admission. According to the single day ticket page, the online discount is $15.00 and the online price is $42.99. That puts the regular price at $57.99, and the Bring a Friend Discount price to $32.99+tax, right? 1-day would be $89.99 + $32.99 = ~
  9. Wife and I will be at BGW over spring break. Looking at 2 or 3 days in the park, depending on weather and other such factors. Thinking the best combination of price & flexibility is to get 2 Fun Cards and pay for parking. We'll also be hitting KD for a day or two, depending on the weather, and also Colonial Williamsburg, if that influences anything. I looked at the Bounce Ticket and a few others, but it didn't look like it included the Governor's Mansion tour, so I think we'll be paying for Colonial Williamsburg and any other historical sites separately if we decide to go there.
  10. Wish granted LOL Since this thread was started over a year ago, I'm curious how many of the suggested rides actually have been closed down.
  11. I don't have a problem with any bad ride that attracts a big line. Keeps the lines to the better rides shorter.
  12. Is it worth making a 6-hour drive to ride it before it disappears? What else in Vegas is worth riding besides the stuff at Stratosphere? We've been to the State Line and ridden Desperado. That was pretty decent, but it was hot and rattled us around quite a bit. Not sure we'd pay the money to ride it again. Speed is significantly better, right? Hopefully?
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