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WOW I am so impressed with this ride so far. I honestly think it COULD be as good as Nemesis if it keeps the pace the whole ride.


Wasn't there supposed to be a 5G helix at the end of this or am I just making stuff up?


Joe "loves me some B&M inverteds" C.

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No your not making this up and in addition to that it seems like this 5g helix will be one of the underground sections, where they are hanging this weird nets up right now.

Dude I'm so dammit looking forward to ride this thing next spring! Did you see how highly banked the first drop will be? That's so cool!^^

Sebastian"Wondering where the restaurant fly through will be?"Rötten

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Oh how I love coasters that utilize the terrain.


My anticipation levels for Black Mamba have risen even higher after seeing the latest construction photos!


Oh and Shockwave, there is more than enough at Phantasialand to justify spending a day at the park. Even without Black Mamba. I couldnt get enough of the place last year!

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I'm Mr.Skeptical


Judging by BaM's latest works, I'd say they are far too concerned about rider comfort and perfect precision engineering to allow themselves to produce anything as wild as their oldschool stuff like Nemesis.


Theming, yes.

Wild ride, I'm going to bet no



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Yup, lift hill, clockwise drop, vert loop, zero g roll, diving loop into trench, flatspin 1 in trench, 180 over first drop, flat spin 2, 180, helix, station fly-thru then brakes is what it looks like. Can't wait to see the finished theming.

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When I first heard about this coaster, I was interested, but only because it's B&M. Now, following the construction, I'm really impressed. It does look a bit like Nemesis, but with more to it than great trench running.


Chris B

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