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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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That building site looks like a complete mess!... er... In the not so obvious way as well as the fact that it is by default...


I mean, there's trenches, crap EVERYWHERE, cranes, diggers, mounds of rebar, half-built houses and it looks like the whole thing is also kinda in a pit.


Considering most coaster construction sites just have a crane, a flatbed a porta-john and a bunch of guys, this is looking manic. :?


Also, the huge lift-hill building looks cool. But I'm going to be annoying and say I wish the idea had been used on a more exciting part of the track. Say, making the loop inside!



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one question. Why do they need to build a whole HOTEL around the lift hill of the coaster ?
It's said to be a restaurant, plus *probably* some addnl. office space for the park.


http://rcdb.com/id3117.htm as well as other sources rumor it to be designed as "restaurant fly through" by simply including a "fly through a restaurant". (or vice versa, whatever way you'd prefer... ) Could well be a "restaurant fly over", "restaurant drop through" or "restaurant fly by" too. Who knows?


And yes, the construction site looks like a mess. Ever heard of "multitasking?" 8)

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What is brücke? And also, where in Germany is it? North? South?....


"Brücke" means bridge in German.

Phantasialand is located in Western Germany. Brühl is, so to say, a suburb of Cologne. This new piece of track looks so intriguingly nasty, I still can't believe that such a piece of rollercoaster art is built just 10 minutes away from my home. I'm the luckiest guy on earth right now.

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Er, wow. I am really getting impressed by this one. The colors sure didn't make me say wow, but the layout sure does! The Nemesis reference definitely applies, too! So much of it is below grade!


Near Cologne, you say? Isn't that fairly close to Europa Park, or am I turned around? (I haven't been to germany in 3 or 4 years.)


Chris B


EDIT: Never mind, there is a Bruhl between Mannheim and Heidlburg, but you, being from Deutschland, would be referring to the one between Bonn and Dusseldorf. For some reason I confused Koln with Strasbourg.

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