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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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I don't know about the rest of my fellow Americans, but I think I'd much rather see incredibly themed coasters like this and Nemesis built every 5+ years than I would non-themed coasters every two or three.


Id at leats like to see a few, because sometimes big rollercoasters are just fun. Like Magnum.

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hello, i b a new person on here! wuld have posted months ago, but i keep forgettin my username (i believe i need attention in a medical sense tee hee!)


anyhoo, av just bin on rcdb and they list that as a jr. immelman and second in order of elements....just after the loop! im guessin ur gonna b goin pretty quick, so prob same speed as for the loop.


must say, it look pretty beautiful to me!


rob xxx

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It looks closer to a half batwing than anything else. If that's a certified inversion then so is the overbank on Silver Bullet at Knotts. As well as the leaning loop on Riddlers at 6FMM.


Either that or it is .7 of an inversion. Riddlers is 5.7 inversions. Silver Bullet is 6.7 inversions. Black Mamba is 4.7 inversions.


Guy "I take my inversions very seriously." Koepp

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