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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Got back from the gym last night and had a Curveball.....oh sweet nectar of the gods.....


You'll see the second picture is terribly blurry, I couldn't keep my arms steady. I'm trying to get buff.


I can't hit a Curveball but, I can drinks 'em down.


The mighty Curveball

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Wow, I haven't posted on here in like forever, but an update of the last few months......some of which was house sitting.


1. Heineken, still not too good.......unless with burgers for some reason.

2. Becks, the good version of Heine, even better with burgers.

3. Fat Tire, finally had some, pretty darn good.

4. Fosters, I'll just buy some domestic beer for half the cost if I want a nothing taste.

5. Sam Adams still tastes like ball sweat, thought I'd try it again after I heard somebody raving about it, still hate it though......blech.

6. Red Stripe is amazing, comes outta nowhere and whacks you in the back of the head too.....at least it did for me.

7. Jose Cuervo Strawberry Margaritas (1.75L) and 350mL of 100 proof SoCo is more than enough to jack 4 guys up, gets worse when you add another 300mL of Jager..........but they all went great with bratwurst.

8. Miller High Life really isn't that high, but with 6 16oz cans for $3, why complain?

9. Bud Light tastes like soda, but is almost acceptable with Dodger Dogs.


All in all, that's about it, been fun though, that's for sure.

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Last night was yet again another beer release at DuClaw. This month's release is a nut brown brewed with caramel and toffee. Euphoria!


I think the glass says it all.


....and tastes like it too! I'm normally not the biggest fan of nut browns but this one was pretty tasty. Good stuff!


Hmmm, have to sniff it first. Smells like toffee...


Euphoria is now on tap!


The release video was pretty funny, incorporating footage from Dumb & Dumber. Whoever makes these must be a Jim Carrey fan, as they used the Cable Guy a couple of months ago.


Next month's release looks pretty good. A Weizenbock called.....Mayhem!


Well OK, they had some jokey trivia in there too.


Trvia time! This one was actually quite factual, as they taught us how toffee is made.


I next got some of my other favorite staple beer here. The Bad Moon Porter.


Started things out with a Venom. Hot damn I love this stuff!




Back at the Fell's Point DuClaw yet again for another beer release party. This month, the special release is a little bit of heaven in a glass known as......

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I figured since Heath could have a nut brown, so could I. Broke out a bottle of Blackstone Brewings Nut Brown Ale that Memphish gave me back at Holiwood Nights. Overall, I'm also not a big fan of nut browns, but this one wasn't bad. Tastes like a nice dunkel lager with a hint of nuts. Doesn't taste like dirt as other nut browns I've had do.


Not a bad nut brown, surprisingly drinkable


All the way from Nashville, this Blackstone doesn't perform magic

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Damn I am biased here, but last beer is an A-B products BUD/Bud-Light. My normal 6 (monthly) cases arrived this week. It's good to be a A-B alumni!. Thing that sucks in Hawaii is, I have to travel to the local distribution center to pick it up. Why is that a problem per say? Two Words:

Maui Traffic!

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I've got a fever and the only perscription is lense flare


Cool bottles, is the lettering just a vinyl/paper decal or did you have someone make the bottles for you?...I've got a six of Dortmunder Gold waiting to compare to your batch.

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I don't have any digital camera but I work for Société des Alcools du Québec ( Quebec's Alcohol Society ) so I get to do degustations with people and try out new product. I'm just starting to drink wine and I found one that I actually liked. It's called Bin 65 Chardonnay and it's produced by Lindemans. It's an Australian wine which is a bit dry, but still fruity. I just love to drink it !


By the way, the legal age here in Québec is 18 years old so I'm not underage.

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^Penfolds... from Australia?


I didn't taste something from Penfolds yet because we only receive 1 product produced by them. To me it seems pretty much the same thing as the Bin 60 Chardonnay from Lindemans but only older (2002 compared to 2005) hence the higher price.

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Been busy traveling again, so these are from yesterday, when I found myself in Pittsburgh.


And Heath really liked the stout


I followed up with a seasonal Belgian Pale Ale, nice and sweet


Heath breaks out a worthy face for the Pipe Organ Pale Ale


Which went great with my balsamic glazed pork chop


I chose to start with the Heavenly Hefeweisen


Everyone with beer in hand gets ready for the last supper


And we even found another BACT member attending Saturday night service


Stained glass, beer, and a confessionary turned gift shop


and on the 8th day, man created beer


It used to be a real church, now its serving a more useful purpose!


Oh, its a brew pub! Pfffew! HEATHens are welcome




Have I taken my relationship with Nicole to the next level and went to a church with her??

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hey guys - got this from a friend, couple of days back...


"Heaven in a (what size what?) GINORMOUS BEER FRIDGE!!!"


Thought of you all in this thread, when I got this, so I had to copy and post it immediately, lol.



(Now - can you read any of those bottle labels??? C'mon, you can do it - I know you want to, heh heh.)


Decisions, decisions...

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