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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Whoa, last night I had my first beer since a few weeks and you know what, it was very good! I think in Germany it was easier to get a beer! Here it is hard for me to find a good beer, or better said till now I have not found the perfect one! Anyway, the last beer was a Franziskaner Weissbeer! Yeah, I know it is german beer, but I really liked it and I am glad I found it here in a restaurant!



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I just got back from a long weekend at Wisconsin Dells with my friend from Nashville. I had a chance to try some local beers. I'll start with the Moosejaw Brewpub. I wasn't sure how this visit would go but we were happy with the service and our food was good. I had a Dells Chief Amber Ale and a Dunkel Lager. Both were good but I liked the Dunkel Lager better.


We walked by the Essen Haus but skipped it this time. The Spaten Optimator on tap was calling my name though.


I didn't drink anything at Mt. Olympus but at Timber Falls while taking an Avalanche break I had a Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss. I was surprised how cheap this stuff was. Blah!


We had a high class dinner at the Del Bar and I had a New Glarus Fat Squirrel (nut brown ale). I enjoyed it (how's that for a novice review). I was stuck at a hotel in Madison yesterday waiting for my flight back so I had dinner at Chili's. I had some kind of nut brown ale but I can't remember what it was. I made a good guess because I liked it.

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I just got back from a long weekend at Wisconsin Dells with my friend from Nashville. I had a chance to try some local beers. I'll start with the Moosejaw Brewpub. I wasn't sure how this visit would go but we were happy with the service and our food was good. I had a Dells Chief Amber Ale and a Dunkel Lager. Both were good but I liked the Dunkel Lager better.


We walked by the Essen Haus but skipped it this time. The Spaten Optimator on tap was calling my name though.


Could skipping the Essen Haus have anything to do with the fact that your friend from Nashville is prejudice towards Germans and anything to do with Germany (including their beer, food and music)?

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The other day at my local beer heaven, I picked up a 6-pack of a beer from a brewery new to the liquor store. This one was from Boulder Beer Company out of Colorado. I liked the name and the style so it was worth the shot.


' alt='>'>


Dang! Not bad. This was a pretty solid IPA. Nice hop flavor but not very complex. Still, not a bad choice.


So I poured it in my new Victory Hop Wallop glass hoping some of its greatness would rub off.


Mojo! It's an IPA so it's worth the risk.

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Due to my receiving some beer thread demerits, I was banished to John Harvard's for the weekend. This one was in Manchester, CT. Luckily, the beer gods looked down on me and that same night we also went to the Willimantic Brew House, a favorite of mine (no photos of that one). Here are some photos from our lunch at John Harvard's.


But I did find a good one- the Fire Engine Red! Not usually a fan of reds but this one was brewed with caramel and chocolate malts. It was a surprise treat so I ordered a pint.


The HopChronic IPA was actually my least favorite. Tasted like burnt hops.


Here I am with my sampler and high tech menu accompanying it. The samples were pre-determined and include the light, pale, hefe, IPA and red.


No clove or banana? No happy face from Ellen.


Ellen goes with the Hue Hefeweizen (LOL). This one was proud of the fact that it *didn't* have the typical German clove and banana flavors.


Here's today's selections. Being a glutton for punishment, I opted for the 5-beer sampler.


John Harvard's! Does it get any better?

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and now its time to play: "What the heck is this beer?!"


Yup, its the Double Simcoe. Thanks for playing!


The super frothy head is partly from my picture taking while pouring, but also because its probably a double IPA


The pour test reveils a color of an IPA, so its definitely one of these


Smells like beer! and hoppy. That narrows it down to either Double Simcoe or Hops Infusion


First, lets do the smell test


Sure beats me, let the tests begin!


Thats right, I picked up a mystery bottle at Weyerbacher back in June. What can it be?!

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Going the Victory route for tonight while I wait for the tornado to come and wipe out the neighborhood. Hopefully it leaves my basement alone, otherwise my beer will be destroyed!


A nice refreshing "light" beer


We'll start off with the Prima Pils, one of the better pilsners out there

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Tom lives! That's great dude, we were going to draw straws to see who should go check up on you, but since we all drink only beer, we don't carry straws on us


My second Victory of the evening will be a St. Boisterous, which is a Helen Kellerbock.[/u]


My best impression of "Helen, look here and say cheese"


Click HERE to listen to the sounds of a Helen Kellerbock

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Tom, can I come live at your house? Seriously. 8)


So on Monday night, I returned from a week long impromptu trip down South to visit some friends and visit my old home parks that I hadn't been to in a couple of years and for some, a visit for the last time (so long Pavillion).


Anyway, of course some beer drinking was had. I drank a bunch of weird stuff in Charlotte while visiting my friend Greg but didn't take any pics. Stuff from the likes of Tommyknocker and Ska Brewing in Colorado, some St. Bernardus Prior 8, which I really liked, and a bunch of English brews that I can't remember.


Didn't get to any of the breweries in Atlanta, as we just didn't have the time. We did however get to Green's Beverages, which by the way, really kicked ass and found the Terrapin beers I was looking for. Sadly no Wake N' Bake though.


Finally, we made our way back to South Carolina and my old stomping grounds of Florence and Myrtle Beach, home to my favorite place to drink when I was down there, Liberty!::D


Rocking out with my frozen Rockuccino.



This place has to be seen to be believed.


Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't show some pics of the new KISS Coffee House that opened up less than two weeks ago.


A shot of the cool backside with the boat deck seating.


Group photo time! Jeff has a Yuengling, Kim enjoys a Incommunicado, and I have the house Lone Palm Ale.


Including the hurricane that spits out margarita mix into the blender every so often.


I really like the one here. It reminds me of a cross between the the Vegas and Orlando versions but still has it's own Carolina personality.


The next day we came back to the Beach, this time with our friend Jeff, whom we were staying with in Florence. Anyway, we had lunch at Margaritaville, which we got to enjoy for approximately 6 months before we moved. I'd kill to have one near me now.


The Watermelon Ale was quite tasty and refreshing. I also had a big ass glass of Liberty Lager with dinner but didn't get a pic. All in all, I still love Liberty! I'll definitley be back sooner than later.


I next had a Rocket's Red Ale, which was nearly as red as my face!


My buddy Josh and some other guys from my old job showed up to chat and catch up. Oh, and have a Clyde's Pale Ale to boot!


Oh yeah! Still great after all this time apart.;)


Ah, my baby, the Raspberry Wheat. How I've missed you!


Lots of light stuff on for the summer.


Lots of new TVs in the bar as well. The happy hour here is probably my favorite anywhere. $2 drafts, a cheap ass happy hour menu, and TVs everywhere make for a great vibe.


Lots of positive changes at Liberty, including a shade awning and big screen for the Beer Garden.


Yeah! After a year and a half absense, we're back at Liberty!

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Last night, I enjoyed something new from Avery. The Czar Russian Imperial Stout. This one was OK. Lots of chocolate and coffee but at 13%, this one was very heavy on the alcohol taste. Kind of wish it was hidden a little better.


The Czar Russian Imperial Stout from Avery Brewing. A big stout with a big alcohol burn.

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Sure, Heath, you can come live with me!!! But bring some beer as, believe it or not, my supply is starting to dwindle!!


And yes Derek, I am still alive. Just picked up a new camera phone which is much easier to lug around with me than the regular camera so, I should be contributing more to the Derek, Heath and Wally show.


Well, just to stay on topic, I didn't drink anything last night. Probably due to the 5 pints of Dreamweaver I had on Tuesday night. I should have a few tonight. My next door neighbor is away on vacation for the weekend so, I'll have a few while swimming in his pool. Then I'm going to lock his gates closed (revenge for him TP'ing my back patio last summer).

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Don and Monica came over the other day for a BBQ. They ended up staying the night, I called off work and we all went to Sunsplash in Roseville the next day. Anyway, they brough be some gifts from Europe.


And use my new Balder Wooden Coaster... HA HA HA... Get it?


I'll use my new Dogfish Head glass for this one.


It's a Carlsberg.


And inside there is something tasty.


It's a Balder backpack.

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It's thirsty Thursday and I've got a Bubba sized thirst. Hmmmmmm, wonder what I'm going to do about that?


34 ounces of sweet wheat bliss!!! I can't even see my bald spot from this angle!


Gonna fill that BUBBA up with some Dreamweaver!!!


There's big, and then, there's BUBBA!!!!

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