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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Today I start out by drinking another Thunderhead. At some point I'll need to go back to the distributor for more beer, but I'm hoping to hold out until the Fall stuff comes out.


Awesome IPA, I can't wait until the CalIPAs in a few weeks


New photo spot for the thread

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Next up, time to try something I forgot I bought earlier this summer, the Weyerbacher Blanche, their hefe.


Eh, its ok. Not my favorite hefe by a long shot


Yup, smells like Hot Dog Water, just like Victory's Sunrise


Its all like, German and stuff

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The Lake Placid Frostbite. Got this when we were in upstate New York back in June. The guy at the brewery kept calling it an IPA but it's an amber. A really hopppy and delicious amber.


A quick bit of trivia, while we were at the brewery the guy there told us that they had recently sold the name "Frostbite" to Anheuser-Busch for $150K. I wouldn't be surprised if their winter craft beer, the Winter's Bourban Cask Ale, had a new name come November.


The Lake Place Frostbite Ale or whatever the new name is going to be. No matter what it's called, it a darn fine hoppy amber ale.

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Today starts off with one of Vermont's finest, Magic Hat #9, a pale ale with a little apricot tinge.


OK, now I can start my evening routine


Really nice on a summer day, but I'm eyeing that empty bottle of Vertical Epic and wondering when I can drink another one of those

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The Big A IPA for Smuttynose Brewing in Portsmouth, NH. This Double IPA may not be as complex as some of the others out there but it is all about the Hops. And the warmer it got, the more the hops came out. My mouth is still puckered as I write this. Good stuff!


The Smuttynose Big A Double IPA. Feels like a solid hop jab to the face!

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Another swap with my baseball buddy. This time I got a Lake Front Fuel Cafe. It's a coffee flavored stout.....my first thought was, a real "Buzz Beer." I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Yuck....I think the over carbonation did this one in.


Nice dark color.....once again a Lake Front with no head...wierd.

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Tonights selection is the Blackberry Wheat from Long Tail Brewing in Vermont. Not too bad. Definitley has a "some-kind-of-berry" taste to it.


The Longtail Brewing Blackberry Wheat. I'll stick with my Raspberry Wheat for fruity beers thank you.

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Ah, nice and humid here. the perfect time for a workout followed by a Berghoff Soltice Wit. Nice flavor and light and zesty.


I'm being daring, but not as daring as Derek, as I sport a sleeveless t-shirt.


Grrr. I'm gorgeous!


Berghoff, America's second oldest brewery.


Ahh the perfect summer brew.

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I figured I'd have another Three Floyd's to follow up tonight, as I want a taste to compare with the real deal this weekend. Of course, now I won't be able to bring any back with me, how lame.


Finish all liquids now! (Sorry Wally, this also means I won't be able to bring you out any Victory or Great Lakes stuff!)


Alpha King IPA , a Three Floyd's favorite of mine

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Well in anticipation of Derek and I hitting up another top brewery this weekend, I decided to try something that will probably be on tap anyway. The Three Floyds Gumballhead Wheat Beer.


These guys brew some pretty wild stuff and this one is no different. Bascially, it's light and malty like a wheat beer but balanced out in the other direction with a buttload of hops. Absolutely awesome.


I'm going to have to pick up some more bottles of this. I was going to bring some Three Floyds back home on the plane with me this weekend but I guess that's not going to happen now. Thanks terrorists!


They even have directions to the brewery on the bottle. Who need mapquest, when we can just bring the bottle along?


The Three Floyds Gumballhead Wheat Beer. A hoppy wheat beer? Only in Indiana.

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Ah, finally, my first beer review. I just turned 21 so I haven't had a chance to explore too much into the microbreweries nor am I terribly familiar with the terminology so please bear with me. Here's my first beer on the big day, a Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss.


I was quite impressed. It has a very nice, sweet blackberry flavor to it, with a crisp wheat after taste. I'm definately a big fan.


Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss

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^^As Wally said, welcome to the club! and happy 21st!


Its another jet set weekend for me, this time out to Ohio and Indiana. Hitting up the less traveled parks like Wyandot, Fun Spot, Coney Island, Strickers, and hopefully Indiana Beach and Kings Island, as well as a stop at Three Floyds. Stay tuned!


Its like they know I'm coming or something (too bad it was closed, but there's always hope for Sunday)


And when I get to Ohio, whats right at my gate?!


While waiting for the flight, I'll read some good stuff


I loves me a HopDevil


Followed by another HopDevil with dinner, nachos (no lettuce)


Time for the usual, a HopDevil


This place is like my new local hangout! at an airport none the less


Which meant I had time to go back to Independence Brewing!


Security wasn't as long and delayed today as everyone was saying

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