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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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^ Great Lakes is certainly available, I can get in Chicago, they better have it in Indiana.


^^ Try Bell's, they're from Michigan. Oberon is their better brew. Just check the bottles, some of their unfiltered stuff is really unfiltered. You almost have to sift it before pouring. Skip it if it looks like there's a beach at the bottom of the bottle.


Three Floyd's is quite tasty as well, they're from Munster. Pale Ale and Pride & Joy are my two favorites from there.

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^^ Try Bell's, they're from Michigan. Oberon is their better brew. Just check the bottles, some of their unfiltered stuff is really unfiltered. You almost have to sift it before pouring. Skip it if it looks like there's a beach at the bottom of the bottle.


I remember when you posted those photos. That was just some unfermented yeast from where the beer sat for a while. I have drank plenty of Bell's and never noticed any more sediment than usual.


I HIGHLY recommend Bell's 2 Hearted Ale!

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Our final destination for Saturday was really WAY out of the way, and kinda annoying to find, but the final product was well worth the trip!


So ended our visit to Three Floyds, can't wait to get back....someday


And I finished off with a bowtie of Dreadnaught IPA. A beer so hoppy, I coughed up pine cones for the next 2 days


Next Heath went with the Drunk Monk Weiss, extraordinary beer! Great banana smell and taste


Kim enjoys her huge cone of fries


I enjoyed it so much, I licked the rosemary


For starters, I had the fried green tomatoes, with rosemary straight from the garden out back


Heath enjoys the Calumet Queen, a kolsh style ale


I start out with a Gumballhead Wheat. Really nice hoppiness to it too for a summer wheat


Lots of their own products to enjoy, as well as a nice collection of guest beers, including Stone


The place was kinda small, but had a really nice atmosphere (and it wasn't too crowded, we easily got a seat)


Didn't get there until late, but luckily it was still opened, and we were hungry!


Hooray, we finally made it to Three Floyds in Munster, Indiana

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Ah man, I'm allready ready to go back. Jesus, that Drunk Monk was good wasn't it?


I was home from work today, let's see what I got into, shall we.


Followed it up with some more hops. The Old Dominion Spring Brew. Quite the hoppy little pils.


The Rogue Dead Guy. Funny how this one is normally pretty hoppy but not so much after following the Nugget Nectar.


The Troegs Nugget Nectar. I forgot how good this one was.

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Last night I was lucky enough to have a gate in the same terminal I arrived in on Friday, which meant I was able to quickly enjoy some CBC beer before heading back to Philly.


I went right for the IPA. Not too bad, it was no Dreadnaught, HopDevil, or Stone IPA, but it was nice and hoppy with only a little watery-ness


Aw yeah, this time it was opened!

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Derek, i was planning on letting you live until I saw the pic of you drinking Dreadnaught on tap.


Some shots from last Friday. No better way to start off a busy weekend than getting a cheap beer hangover at a Poison/Cinderella concert! (Pardon the crappy photos, but the beer thread usually calls for the more casual camera phone)


At the end of the show, Poison rocked so hard that they all spontaniously conbusted. My condonlences to future ticket holders. You might want to call TicketMaster for a refund.


I am so much better at this whole self-portrait thing with the phone


My bandmate Carter and his wife Jen joined us.


Oh my god ... look what the cat dragged in


Nice $7 Yuengling

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[i hope they don't get any ingredients form the Calumet River....yuck!


Their directions looked a little confusing on the website. Was it tough to find? That's about hour and a half from me and I've been comtemplating a trip.


The Calumet Queen was just OK. A pretty standard kolsch. We were really surprised by the Drunk Monk. I was going to go for the Alpha Kong Belgian Strong but at 16%, it was just too late to be getting into that.


The brewery wasn't hard to find. It was just further off of the highway than we thought it was. We approached from 65 N to W 30 and it seemed to take forever because of all the traffic lights on 30. It was alot smoother going coming back east on 30 after our visit.


Man, I wished I lived only 1 1/2 hours from there. I say go for it ASAP. I'm allready comtemplating a return trip to the area in the offseason. We didn't get to spend nearly enough time there.


Tonights brews...


The Weyerbacher Heresy Oak Aged Stout. I think that this was from a 2005 batch. Good stuff. Chocolate and coffee up front and I think some vanilla on the backend. Initially had a slight alcohol taste but that disappeared rather quickly.


Found a surprise in the back of the beer fridge. A Brooklyn IPA that Derek has hooked me up with a while back. This one was OK. Decent hop presence but tasted a little too watery.

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Here I am with my weekly update, skipping around a bit and jumping to our Boston trip last weekend. I still owe the thread a few photos from the Tom's block party but I'll get to that another day. Here are photos taken from fellow enthusiast Matt Bacoulis' restaurant in Upton, MA. Turns out he has a pretty darn good beer selection. I started off with a Sam Adams Hefeweizen (no photo) and these...


Ellen LOVES her Martini!


Matt whips up one of the 3 citrus themed martinis that Ellen drank this night. They have a very impressive Martini menu.


Yet another Harpoon, this time the IPA. This is not one of the better IPA's out there but it's an IPA and I have to take advantage when there's one available.


Harpoon is big in the Boston area and I never had this one before. Hibernation Irish Style Red Ale, not a bad version of the style.

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Late night entry for me, but its been a late night! On a whim I decided to head to Bethlehem Brew Works for my free Hops Explosion IPA. Here's the update!


Yup, that's right!


If it can do this to your hand, just think what it can do to your face


The mainstay at BBW is the bathroom, home of an Xlerator


Next up, the Monkey Wrench, a Belgian Pale Ale, whatever that is. Still good stuff though! Somewhat sweet beginning, hoppy middle, and malty finish


Check out all that balsamic, Robb Alvey!


For dinner I'll try the new Tomato Mozzarella Salad


But since he's from Pyramid, Beau knows a good IPA. Nice and smooth with a nice hoppy citrus finish


First up, my giant mug of Hops Explosion IPA, something the new brewer hasn't tried yet


Here I am, at the Brew Works, just because

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Since I was in the neighborhood, I thought I'd check in on Tom!


Finally, 9pm comes around and I have to spank Jake to get him back home so he can tuck the family in and then pass out


And with such lovely weather, its no wonder he hangs out on the patio drinking great beers all summer long


Tom gives me another 60 Minute IPA, prolonging my drive home by 60 Minutes


Crazy Jake sports the new cueball look with his Victory Hotdog Water wheat


Its always good to stop off and see Tom


Of course, with Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA on tap, who has time to post to the beer thread!


He;s still alive folks, just spending his time working on his car

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Its Friday night, so guess where I am....at the Philly airport, of course! This time I'm flying out to LAX, but once again, I'll start my trip with some HopDevil.


As long as they have it on tap, HopDevil is my choice


My Friday hangout, Independence Brewings PHL location

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So Thursday night was the latest beer release at DuClaw. We were going to change things up a bit and go to the Bel Air location instead this time but there was a fire in their bar area the other week, so the whole place is shutdown until sometime in September.


Finally, it was time to order some disorder and it was great. Very strong banana and cloves present. Anarchy in the DBC!


Even though there was no Mayhem glass they did having a freaking huge selection of buttons. 5 of them! That's got to be a record!


They didn't have a Mayhem glasses for some reason. They said it was because they wanted to give away a bunch of the older glasses they had sitting around. Personally, I think they got burned up in Bel Air. I think I know who to give the Derekslayer glass


Allright, time to create some Mayhem!


...Mr. Mel Gibson of course! Complete with scenes of death and destruction courtesty of the Lethal Weapon films. See, who said these release videos weren't topical?


The release video was about following the rules of the road to prevent creating chaos and mayhem on it, starring....


Preview time! It looks like they are going to be getting back to their normal release schedule as next month is the return of Twisted Kilt, their Scottish Ale. The video had Fat Bastard in it. Pretty funny.


...and everything Mayhem! We even get some Venom respect. Nice!


Trivia time. Naturally the trivia had to do with everything bocks...


I try to do a H-Face while getting into some Bad Moon Porter. Not too successful.


I decide to add a little mayhem to my digestive tract and go for their spicy Arizona Burger.


...so I do. Why not? This one just gets better everytime I have it. Lots of citrus notes this go around.


Kim tries it and thinks I should have another one...


First things first though. I've gotta start out with a Venom!


Ahhhh, there it is! Mayhem!


Any night at Pint Club usually involves three things. There's always plenty of mischief and beer on hand but there's one key ingredient missing....


Which means back to Fells Point for this month's release.

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Last night was the TPR UK video release party. While it may be no Du Claw, it was still off the hinges, and I was in charge of picking up the brews!


Next I'll have to go back to the Stone Pale Ale, as the IPAs are all gone. Later on I'd have a Sam Adams and a Sam Summer, but I didn't take pictures of those :(


Why not have another Stone IPA, Derek?


Elissa shouldn't be drinking, she's got a party to run. So I'll enjoy this Stone IPA for her


JimmyBo and djlurch enjoy the stuff too!


And quickly follow it up with a Stone IPA


We'll start out with a Stone Pale Ale

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