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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Another scorcher of a day, so after washing the car a nice refreshment was in order. Too bad I grabbed a Saranac brew and popped the cap by mistake, so I had to drink it


Yup, not really that refreshing on an average day, definitely not on a hot day


Oh goodie, another Saranac that is probably meh, especially since its their pilsner

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Glad your enjoying the beers Adam. I really like both of those. Don't worry about the "Me" Face. That was a better effort than any of the ones Derek has tried.


Tonights selections:


Next decided to hop things up with my last Thunderhead. Just a damn good IPA.


I am a fan of the Anchor Steam but don't have any on hand right now. I'll have to settle for the next best thing. The Liberty Ale. My last one. For now.

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oh and I've been meaning to ask for a while, but whats up with thesecondset?


It's still alive, just not kicking very much. Mike(memphish) has been busy with his summer job, and with me I've been busy just trying to get the house is order. Take today for instance; After I check my e-mail I'm off to trim more of the trees in the back yard and other yard work. And I just got off of work at 7am. I also need to paint outside before the rains come in October. I'm ripping out my deck and replacing it with paver stones. That's just this week.





ohhhh...damn. I have been trying to goto thesecond.net this entire time. :/ doh

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I was so busy tonight that I almost forgot to have a beer! Shame on me. Luckily I stepped outside and realized how hot it was and only 1 thing could remedy the situation, going back inside and drinking!


Much better than going outside!


Time for an Alpha King

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After it cooled down a tad bit, I decided to face the music and mow the lawn. Well it was still really hot, so when all was done, it was time to enjoy another good IPA.


I'm tired, sweaty, and shirtless. With this beer, I'm a little bit closer to happiness though


More Indica, por favor

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Last beer? Hmm, no pics, but I'm sure it was something the experts would laugh at though. But hey, it was in celebration of soldiers returning home....what was I gonna do, tell them the beer sucked?


Anyway, not much of a big beer drinker anymore. I lead a simpler life now....the partying days of south florida are behind me now, but I still know how to enjoy some fine brews when I'm out somewhere with friends. I've got a question for the experts (should I use that term loosely?). Back when I was more interested in the micros, etc., Anchor Steam lead the way for me, but a close second (although not exaclty a micro, I guess), was Cerveza Imperial from Costa Rica. I discovered it while honeymooning there, and occasionally found it in places when I got back home. How does it rate with you guys? Just curious.


I think you'll see we're all fans of Anchor Steam. In fact, I'm going to go have one now!

Yeah, I knew Anchor Steam was a fave, but I was wondering more about Cerveza Imperial, and how that stacks up, if anyone's tried it.
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It was 105 at game time this evening. Two innings into my baseball game, the storms rolled in....game canceled and I went home for what else? A Fat Tire!


It doesn't get any better than this, gentlemen! And I kept my shirt on!


Ohhh yeah!

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Yup, another blazing day. So while I'm probably going out tonight, I thought I'd start cooling myself down immediately since I turn the AC off while I'm at work (hey, I gotta save up for the TPR trips somehow!)


oooh, hoppy


Hops Infusion, activate! Form of refreshing liquid

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Some of todays imbibing:


Dogfish Head 90 IPA. An old classic makes a reappearance out of the beer fridge. Excellent as always.


The Terrapin All American Imperial Pilsner. This was an excellent pils. Sweet with a nice hop chaser at the end.

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Tonight for dinner I went out with mom again, this time to the Peanut Bar for some good steak and crabcakes (and beer!). They supposedly have the best wings in Reading, but since I'm going to Buffalo tomorrow, I'll save the wings for then.


Beer and beef, closer to happiness


For the turf of my surf and turf


Then they gave me giant knives!


Wheaty and good


Tonight's beer will be a Paulaner Hefe-Weizen (served in a Franziskaner glass?!)


When you're done eating the peanut, you throw the shell on the ground, as seen here


See, this is a peanut, used to make butter and stuff


They call it the Peanut Bar so they serve you peanuts, or they serve you peanuts so they call it the Peanut Bar


Check it out, Peanut Bar is that a way!

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So tonight I was back at the Philadelphia International Airport, this time to fly to Buffalo. While here, lets kill some time by drinking!


And, I can't believe I did this, but since I was in 1st class and it was free....Wally, this Bud's for you!


And then an enthusiastic return to more HopDevil


Followed by an average Lancaster Gold Star Pils


And so I'll have one of those to begin the night


OH, of this I am well aware!


Yup, back to Independence Brewing. I wish they had a mug club

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Woohoo, Shirtless Ted drives lots of people crazy, as does Terrapin Rye!


Since we were in Buffalo for the weekend, there was something we just had to do when we were here, get wings!


The team enjoyed the late night snack


With live loud jazz, there was even some congo lines forming


and then lick a path of sauce


But to keep my hands as clean as possible, I take the wings without the sauce


Heath thinks the hot wings are pretty zesty, and he loves that sauce


Kim gets a HUGE portion of wings


Heath and I enjoy some Sam Adams


Saturday night the team went to the Anchor Bar, home of the original Buffalo wings

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No drinking for me this past weekend. Surgery to fix a ruptrued ear drum.....


I did, however, go to the local alcohol store and stocked up. $100 bucks later and many brews calling my name! Including some Lagunitas, which had not been in stock before!

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