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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Tonight is just some randomness, no theme, no reasons. For once I'm actually at home on a Friday night. But don't worry, I think its the only one this month And I was so uneasy about it that I planned a few trips that weren't in the original itinerary for the year!


Not as good as some I had last week, but better than a few!


Next up, a Hops Infusion. As close as West Coast as I can get in my fridge right now


Definitely my favorite pumpkin beer right now, but bring on the others soon!


Straight home and its time to continue enjoying the warm weather but autumn's approach with a Pumpkinhead

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Today it was off to the Brew Works for lunch.


Even my mom can handle the hops!


And then there was a Hops Explosion! KABOOOM!


To go with the drinks, some seafood dip


First up, the new Mingler's English Ale. I don't care for English ales and their nitrogen, but this one had more flavor than most I had in England earlier this year!

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On Saturday I purchased a growler of the Plank Walker's IPA from Swashbuckler Brewing Company at the Renaissance Fair. My intent was to drink it on Sunday, but then I got sidetracked and ended up at Hershey. So, my challenge for Monday night was to drink a whole growler, since I couldn't let it sit much longer, nor could I do half tonight and half tomorrow and think it wouldn't be flat by then. So here's the outcome:


Game over. Derek wins! (though he'll probably be up all night using the bathroom!)


Cup 4: 8:48pm Final remains, still coherant!


Cup 3: 7:49pm After dinner, preparing the laundry


Cup 2: 6:53pm after mowing, before dinner


Cup 1: 4:41pm, followed by a haircut and mowing the grass


A Growler of IPA. Let the fun begin!

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Not as plentiful as last night's growler, but I don't think I could handle a growler full of tonight's selection, the Stone 10th Anniversary IPA. Really awesome stuff with a nice bold hop flavor and piney aftertaste.


Really nice and hoppy! Its up there in my list, among the ranks of DFH 90 minute, maybe even surpassing it!


The gargoyles raise their mugs in victory

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Ballast Point, picked up at Bev Mo in SD. Very refreshing, summery beer.


Ah, Ballast Point. My big regret from the San Diego weekend was not having a pint of their Double Durado at the Liar's Club. Maybe if we would had had more than a half hour there. Some of their stuff is definitely at the top of my list for the next visit.


Anyway, finally got into some of this year's Stone Vertical Epic release. Lots of stuff going on with this one. Chocolate, caramel, some fruits maybe? Very malty and smokey. By the way, when are we going to see those Stone pics Wally?


The Stone Vertical Epic 06 06 06. I'm looking forward to tasting some aged bottles of this down the road.

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Since everyone else is posting Stone pics, I'll post some of mine from the weekend.


Despite the look on my face I REALY enjoyed the 10th IPA.


I'll post more when I find the time.


Also the longest line out of the 40 breweries there. Victory didn't even have a line. Of course they only served Pirma Pils and Golden Monkey and no Hop Devil.


Some very tasty selections at one of the Stone tents.

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Nice report so far, Wally. Sad to hear HopDevil didn't come out to play and that all you got was Golden Monkey and Prima Pils. Maybe I'll yell at them and make them take HD out next year!


Hoppy yes, but there was enough malt and some smokeyness that kept it from reaching "Pine Cone burp" status like Dreadnaught


Tonight I try the Weyerbacher 11th Anniversary TRIPLE IPA!

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Tonight I finally try another new beer that Heath gave me, the Frostbite Ale from Lake Placid. From the name you'd think it was a Winter Ale, but in fact its more of a IPA or hoppy amber. Despite loads of creamy head as soon as the bottle was opened, this beer was good.


Pleasantly hoppy, and when it got a little warmer it was even better


Its not winter yet, but this beer isn't really wintery either

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Wow, it's been like forever since I've posted on here, let alone this thread, but my last one was a Mickey's actually. I had a 6 pack of Tequiza's a few days ago and really loved it, but was seriously let down by Gordon Biersch's Marzen........it tasted like ball sweat and vomit or something, not good.


Derek, you've gone and done it, tomorrow I'll have to head out to Beverage's 'N More to pick up some of that Shipyard Pumpkinhead stuff. I missed the "harvest" beers last year somehow, but am intriguied by the spices and promise of punkin' flavor enough to pick some up!

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Somehow, Karen found some place in Ohio that would ship a case of Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold to California. It's was like $80 with shipping, but after drinking one, it was well worth it.


That's sweet! I'm looking for someone that ships New Belgium stuff. My buddy did a run to St. Louis and picked up some Skinny Dip and Sunshine Wheat a couple of weeks ago. I'm in the same boat, I don't want to waste it.


I had my first ever Irish Car Bomb at Raglin Road - An Irish pub at Downtown Disney tonight. It all went downhill from there..


Raglin Road is pretty cool. Have you tried their "Irish Corndogs"? Car bombs are my most feared enemy after Peach Schnaaps.

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