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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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So anyone who saw my TPR UK release party pictures on the roller coaster forum know that Hoffman Girl's Dad is trying to hunt me down. Until this thing blows over, I guess I'll be traveling a lot. But don't worry, I'm taking my beers with me (and my laptop and camera too!).


Of course, with increased security measures, I can't fly, so I gotta find some other way to elude Mr. Hoffman, like boat or something!


Here's my first hiding spot!


Well, its not really summer here, but at least my beer is cold and Hoffman dad will have to work hard to find me! =)


My new friends are curious to try the Victory 10th Anniversary Alt

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I bet you wish you still had some of those Winter Warmers left, don't you Derek?


Went with a bottle of Delirium Tremens tonight. Fantastic stuff and just like all good Belgians, it only got better, the warmer it got.


The Delirium Tremens. Check out the yeast in that baby!

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Gooday mates! Keeping away from the Hoffdaddy is pretty tough work! Anyway, I was getting cold and really tired of sharing my beers with birds that can't even fly, so I broke off a chunk of ice and sailed onward to Australia. I hoped the Aussie @$$holes would put me up for some room and board, but the punks wanted beer in return. So instead I got a job at the zoo, working right under Steve Irwin.


While so close, I decided to check out the opera house with my Indica. There was some good music playing, ya know.


My friend here wasn't too sure what to expect from an unfiltered IPA, so he let me enjoy it all by meself!

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Alright folks, now some sad news. I've recently been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis which causes agonizing pain in my back due to joints forging together with my spine and basically creating more bone along it. I will be in physical therapy indefinitely. Plus, heres the sad part, I have to lose about 50 pounds. Which in turn means no more beer for a Wally.


My last post on this thread will be Sept 9th from the Stone Brewing Co's 10th Anniversary party.

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Still on the run from the Hoffman dad, I abandoned Australia after the Aussies kept trying to steal my beer. I ended up north, and was going to check out some new coasters in the area, but I was afraid to leave my beer behind. I'll just have to save riding coasters for another day!


Whoa, that's a big wall. Papa Hoffman is gonna need some mightly climbing shoes if he wants to get over here to me!


Awww, it looks like the pandas really want to try the Magic Hat #9. Too bad they only like bamboo

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Well, China didn't work out too well. The government confiscated all my beer and tried to force me into drinking only tea. So I hitched a ride to the docks in Shanghai and took a freighter back to the States. I needed a beer badly, so luckily I found a hotel that served Pyramid stuff. Eluding papa Hoffman is going well so far!


Oh crap!


As I sit in my hotel room, eluding Hoffman dad, I wonder exactly where I am


Well, its back to Pyramid Thunderhead IPA. A local brew(?) the waiter told me

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What a fun weekend its been thus far. BACT started out at Bethlehem Brew Works, eventually moving on to Adam's bachelor party!


Heath dug the IPA though, so much he had 2


Whoa! The Hops Explosion IPA did not affect her at all! She's good


Kim enjoyed an iced coffee???


Good stuff, no Three Floyds Drunk Monk, but it had a nice banana flavor


At BBW it was all about the Hefeweizen for me, since the brewer came from Pyramid, master of the hefe

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The Pre-bachelor party ended at Tom's house (why hasn't Adam been here for any of this!?) where Heath broke out the goodies...


and I think its the best Stone brew I had all night!


The boys dig it!


And in a Dan needs photoshop sort of way, its a perfect pour for all!


Tom pours...


Heath reads the poem on the bact....errr back of the bottle


The night ends with some Stone Ruination IPA


We all agree its better than the Dinn coaster ever was! (and boy do I look fat!)


Later on, Hercules makes his return to Allentown! (this time as a Great Divide Double IPA)


Heath finally has the chance to do what he always wanted to


But Heath is starting to scurr me!


Later on I'll finally have the chance to try the Imperial Pumpkin


Me and my Heathface are proud to enjoy the Dreamweaver Wheat


But he was happy just getting the Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale finally


On tap Tom went with a Troegs theme, Dreamweaver and Hopback

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On the way to Hersheypark yesterday, Kim and I decided to check out the latest branch of the ABC in my old hometown of Camp Hill. Not quite sure what to make of it. It's definitley smaller and a little more upscale than the main brewpub in Harrisburg or even the branch in Gettysburg. It's kind of interesting that they would even put a new one so close to one in Harrisburg, considering that they are only like 10 minutes apart. I guess it's for the folks that don't like to cross the river.


The cool news is that early next year, the newest branch is going in Lancaster County, right off of Rt. 30. Only like 20 minutes from the house. Sweet! I might actually have to invest in a mug at this one.


Afterwards, we stopped off at Westy's to see if they had gotten in the latest Stone release. And they had! The 10th Anniversary IPA.


Not really sure what to think of this new location. Maybe it will grow on me. In the meantime, I'm more than happy to keep going to the original in Harrisburg.


Of course I had a beer while we were there. The Kipona Fest, which is their version of an Oktoberfest marzen


Much like the one in Gettysburg, they are going to be brewing some smaller batch stuff at this location. The tanks are right up front in the bar area.


They have a nice selection of Belgians available, imported over from the Abbey Bar at the Harrisburg location.


It looks like they are trying to be a little more upscale at this location than the others and a great example of this is the new wine on draft system they have.


The dining area is relatively small by comparison.


This was converted from a former sports bar called Kokomos and it shows. The bar area takes up like half the place.


Welcome to the latest branch of the Appalacian Brewing Company in my old stomping grounds of Camp Hill, PA.

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I guess it's for the folks that don't like to cross the river.


As someone that grew up in Harrisburg, I can safely say that yes, people ARE afraid of crossing the river! They act like flesh eating trolls live under the river bridges and they'll be roasted alive if they even attempt to cross the great barrier. I personally always found this funny, and still do. My mom still does not like to travel over the river, and will avoid doing so whenever possible.


BTW, I really enjoy this thread, even though it reminds me that I know just about nothing about beer...


Dave "Guinness & Stella!" Thomas

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^Don't worry, Dave, once the offseason comes around we'll probably attempt a BACT Attack in your area and we'll confiscate you and Mary and introduce you guys to some other beers that you'll surely love.


I'll save the whole Adams BACThelor Party for another thread on a different day, but let's just say it was 4 hours of open bar at Heartland Brewing in NYC, so there is PLENTY to add to this thread, if I so chose!


As for yesterday, I couldn't go without drinking (and surprisingly, no one was hung over or anything! Go BACT Team!)


Another weekend well spent with coasters and beer!


When I got home, I decided to have more of the same, thanks to Adam's generosity


Lots of pumpkin spices, and not too strong of an ale overall


At Adam's I started out with the Shipyard Pumpkinhead, probably my favorite pumpkin ale ever

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Tonight I start out with another gift from Adam, the Hazed and Infused from Boulder Beer Company. While it has a really nice hoppy aroma, it didn't really deliver, and was kinda watery.


Not bad, just not amazingly awesome


Heehee, the name is funny

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