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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Last Thursday Ellen and I made a one day pilgrimage to Ocean City, MD and Rehoboth Beach, DE. We had three missions, to get Ellen on as many credits as possible, to ride the Rehoboth Beach Haunted House and to get me to Dogfish Head, a brewery who's beers I REALLY enjoy. It was a brewpub I've been wanting to get to for a while now and it didn't disappoint. On top of great beers and excellent food, they also had a nice gift shop out front where I purchased 2 bottles of Zwaanend'ale, 2 glasses, a t-shirt and Ellen even purchased a hot t-shirt (in a ladies cut which she was happy to see). Here are several photos from the visit.


It was a damn good night at Dogfish. I can't wait to go back!


The final beer of the night for me was Raison D'Etre, a beer I love in a bottle but never had on tap. Sweet!


Ellen's last drink is an alcoholic concoction made with Dogfish Head's own soda and in-house distilled vodka!


And while the crab cakes were damn good, the asparagus was even better, seriously! Full of wood smoke flavor!


I had the crab cakes which were also very good.


Ellen scores big time with absolutely the best fish and chips she's ever had (in this country). The coating is made with 60 Minute IPA and we detected a hint of cinnamon.


Ellen is happy to be at Dogfish Head!


Our appetizer was a Crab and Cheese dip. Yumm!!


The Rehoboth Beach location is quite small with a very difficult to navigate bar when it's crowded. Still, it sort of has a shore feel to it.


Next up for me is heaven, oh, I mean their 90 Minute Imperial IPA. Yes, 60 is great but 90 is better although higher in alcohol content. Uh oh!


You have to love the "Unfood Menu"!


Ellen tried something different- Zwaanendale. It's a Rye Bock brewed in commemeration of Deleware's 325th Anniversary as a state (the first state in fact).


One cool thing about Dogfish Head is they allow you to imbibe on their front porch while you wait for a table. Here I am enjoying an ApriHop. The sun is in my eyes so it looks like I'm pissed.


Outside the brewpub there's a chalkboard letting patrons know what's on tap. Unfortunately, the Chateau Jiahu had not been released yet.


Who wouldn't want to go inside?


The sign says it all. Situated right on Rehoboth Avenue, the brewpub was just a few short blocks from our hotel

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Glad you enjoyed DFH, Adam.


Today I woke up at 3am, flew to Finland, went to Linnanmaki, and by lunch time was ready for some beer. Tried Koff, wasn't bad, wasn't amazing, but it was cold, and beer, so I was happy.


I will definitely "Finnish" this beer!


The view outside


beer and pizza, not just an American past time


The food place we chose had some good stuff, like beer!

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Nice pics of Dogfish Head Adam. I'm glad that you and Ellen finally got to make it there. I wish that place was a little bigger. The dining area and bar are right on top of each other. I still like the laid back fell to the place though. Darn it, now I really want to get back there!


Ah, I was wondering if Derek was going to get to the end of his European beer pics without at least one bad beer pun. Thanks for not dissapointing!:wink:


....but I'd howl for this one! Pretty decent with only a faint hint of hotdog water! Thanks for reading.


Time for the moment of truth for the Sawtooth. I'm not a huge fan of Belgiun Whites....


Ooooh, free Sawtooth shirt. Just the way I like them.:)


The Sawtooth glass was pretty cool. They used a frosted glass, the first time I've seen that from them.


Yes, that is two wolves humping.


Wait, one more thing before the Sawtooth can start flowing.


The release video was pretty funny, comparing bar etiquette to the habits of a wolf pack.


DuClaw continues the trend of new specialty releases this year. Next month is Euphoria, a toffee nut brown.


....and famous Wolves. Sorry if you have trouble seeing these screen shots. We had to sit a little further away than we normally do.


Trivia time! The theme of this trivia session was of course Belgium Whites...


Obviously not enough for Kim though, as she still deems it worhty of a serious "hop face".


I stick with the hop theme and have me some Derekslayer....er.... I mean Serum. Sadly, it's lost a little of the kick that it had at last month's release.


Kim goes for the Bare Ass Blonde.


Naturally, I get the festivities rocking with a Venom.


Tonights release is the Sawtooth Belgium Wit.


Yeah, we're back at DuClaw, along with the best parking we've ever gotten in Fell's Point. Right across the street. Sweet!

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Damn I want that Sawtooth and Pint Club glass so bad


Sammy has cases for sale at Sam's Club (like costco) of Summer Styles. You get 4 bottles of 6 different beers (including cherry wheat). Its easy to drink in the hot humid summers here (110 heat index and 90% humidity anyone?) and doesn't taste like the usual 'lite' schwill that usually comes with summers by the pool.


I wish other brewers would do this like Sam and Flying Dog with their 12 pack mixed packs.

Sam brews a solid pale.


Time to change and head out to the pool with my summer styles.

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Karen and I went to Sac Brew yesterday for lunch. And to ask about the spot in brewing that is opening up. Since I can't take that brewing job with Victory.


Last but not least was the Hefe. It was going to be in the 100's. So I wanted something refreshing.


Crystal-Weizen... it was... ok. I guess.


Miner Extra Pale Ale... one of my favorites for the summer that is available year round. But only on draft. Thank God for growlers.

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Last night at dinner I had another Finnish beer, Karjala, on draught. It was pretty tasty, went well with my pepper steak.


Nice lager, Robb liked the fact that it had bubbles, it reminded him of the Great Movie Ride


Finnish beer on tap, woohoo! Found pretty much everywhere, in fact, I think every hotel has a bar (and every park too!)

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I wanted to let ALL of you know that Derek TURNED DOWN BEER at Skagness! He was offered FREE beer! Why Derek...why?


I turned down the free beer because we all wanted to get back to London. I, specifically, wanted to go back so I could see Nicole. Besides that, in turning down the beer, we had time to stop at a grocery store so I could stock up on beer for the trip AND get back in time to see Nicole.


There are very few things I'll pass up free beer for, the good of the group and to see certain people are some things.

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Just got home after a nice long wait for luggage in Philly. What do I do after being away from home for 18 days? Check mail, turn on the AC, check phone messages, start unpacking, do laundry? No, I grab a beer! A beer experience I've missed dearly for the last 2+ weeks.


Truly a beer worthy of the Heathface


mmmm, tastes so much better than the crap I've been drinking


Hooray for frosty mugs in the freezer!


Oh HopDevil, how I've missed you

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