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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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And speaking of Stone... Greg of Stone has added a new video to his blog. This time he visits Sierra Nevada Brewing in Chico, CA and checks out the new operations going on there. And yes... my resume has already been sent to Sierra Nevada. FINGERS CROSSED!!!




Here are some pictures I took during my last trip to Sierra Nevada.



It's amazing how small of a bottle line runs so well for the #9 brewery in the US. It will be great to see the new line in action.

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From our last night in Blackpool I wanted to finally finish off all the stuff I had with me. Loads of drinking that night!


Even Nicole drank some, and she don't do beer


It was smooth and decent to drink


Badger's Tasty Foot was really odd


Marston's Pedigree was pretty tasty


Discovery wasn't too bad either


Fuller's Organic Honey Dew wasn't too bad


Tastes like spitting fire alright!


Spitfire, some weird beer

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Finally got around to getting pics off my cam

Dortmunder Gold courtesy of Ted (Coaster Fanatic)


s'good! (disreguard the pool hair)


mmm New Belgium's Abbey. It gives great head.


Harpoon's Irish red. It was good but I prefer the IPA


Hop Wallop and a dub on Friday. Tear your tounge out hops. Thanks Dr.!


Moved into my new house. Got to go for the Goose


Pimpin' Pink

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^ OMG, I really missed your PTR`s, Wally! I had no good beer since a few weeks, that is so bad! At the moment I am planing a trip to California! I hope there is also a chance to stay with you a few days!? I really need to drink a good beer and eat some good food!



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Alright, have some catching up to do. These photos are from over a week ago at Lake Compounce for Sue & Rich's wedding. Tom Smith, Todd Long and I enjoy a beer during a lame ass show at the park. We all picked the most unusual choice they had, UFO (I totally forget the brewer) which is a wheat beer that's average at best.


Todd Long with a rare appearance (possibly first?) on the Beer Thread.


Tom, not happy with the selection but it's a beer and that's good at least.



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On the same trip, for Sue & Rich's Lake Compounce wedding, we had a BACT meeting back at the posh Motel 6 in Southington. We had a nice variety provided by yours truly and a few Sam Adams from Dave & Janna (or was it Tim?). Here's a few photos from this event...


Tim and Dave enjoy a twin Victory 10 Years Alt.


The impressive Motel 6 BACT meeting line-up.


Robb and I are competing for the most extreme nostril shots with my "mostly signature" Adam face and a new favorite- Dogfish Head ApriHop.


And Tom tries an especially sexy pose with his Pyramid Hefeweizen.


Janna likes Sam between the boobs.


Ellen is excited to try another Pyramid brew, the seasonal Curve Ball (compliments of Tom Smith).

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Nice pics Adam. I think Harpoon makes the UFO Hefe. I've been wanting to try that but it pretty much looks like you all didn't care for it. I think I'll wait.


Tried the Victory Moonglow Weizenbock. This one is a little unusual but still rather good. Very fruity and spicey for a weizenbock.


The Victory Moonglow Weizenbock. Pretty decent and this was even an old bottle. Held up pretty well.:)

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Its great to see Wally back posting what he drinks. Its been a while since I've posted, but we were busy country hopping for coaster credits.


Back on Saturday, Nicole and I broke off from the group to try another restaurant for dinner. Watched some World Cup action and drank. Then the fun really began!


And it went well with our hidden Mickey nachos


It was pretty good stuff, for English


Had a Boddingtons finally

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Earlier in the day, Nicole found some Absinthe at a grocery store we stopped at, so of course she had to pick some up. After the cafe for dinner, it was back to the hotel for some Absinthe. Really was disgusting, but perhaps that's because we were ill-equipped for proper drinking.


EVeryone enjoyed the little party though


Ted tried to make it better with fire, but he was unsuccessful


We didn't get too wasted, but we were happy


It kinda tasted like bad nyquil


And then pour some ice water over the sugar packets we had in the room


I pour the green stuff into the bathroom glasses


Yup, its real Absinthe


Our lovely model with the green fairy

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Then on Sunday at Thorpe Park, we all managed to ride everything fast thanks to the express passes, so we had some time to relax. Fortunately, the park had a bar!


We all enjoy the break from the heat


Non-German Tom treated us to drinks. I got the John Smith's Extra Smooth. I must be getting used to not so bitter bitter beer


The big dome contains a bar!

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No drinking on Monday because we were too busy in Norway, but Tuesday I woke up to a dream, a dream called Liseberg!


No beer, but we enjoyed some vodka drinks...served in a glass made of ice, of course!


Nicole and I enjoyed the ice sofa and table


Everything was made of ice, the walls, the bar, the tables. This even had functioning shelves and a coaster-like ice slide


This is why its called an ice bar, its made of ice. Good thing for those jackets!


Even Robb had to check it out, complete with Liseberg winter jacket


Liseberg also had an Ice bar opened for the summer, awesome!


And I got some Balder to take home too!


I woke up excited to ride Balder. I didn't know I'd have to drink FREE beer inside of Balder before being allowed to ride! Carlsberg Export, hello!

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Me and Stone Porter.


Today is the day. When BevMo gets it's shipment of stuff in. And I hope, I just hope there will be bottles of the 06.06.06 Vertical Epic in today's shipment.


Close up of the Japanese Mafia roll by Mikuni.


Cold sushi in the morning is actually really good.


Just got home from work. Time for some breakfast.

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Sushi rocks! I could so eat some right now! But here's what I ended up doing today, with some down time in London.


Miss you, baby!


Since I'm running out of room in my luggage, and Nicole is gone ='(, I guess I'll drink her Bacardi


But hey, you do what you gotta for Pride


At the hotel, I realized my belt buckle bottle opener was left in my other luggage in storage. I had to resort to this


Now this is a good early lunch!


I love how the pubs here serve all the stuff in the authentic glasses


I believe I'll have a London Pride, hand pumped


11am, lets hit the pub!

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