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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Its another IPA night for me! Starting off with one I haven't had in a while, the Smuttynose Brewing Company's IPA.


Cold and bitter, just the way I like my beer (on Fridays)


It took a LOT of effort to get this into the glass, as it was pretty much frozen from its 2 hours in the freezer

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Tonights Imperial IPA calls for a different kind of PTR:


Dogfish Head: best experienced with a DFH opener in a DFH glass


Ahhh, the perfect pour


Whats up with this?


Does this make you horny? (it shouldn't!)


Behold! The belt buckle of beer goodness!


Somehow this cap must be removed, but exactly how?


This as you may recognize is a Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA

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You know that's going to be required wearage now on all future BACT adventures, right?


This afternoon Kim and I stopped by Kclingers, one of our favorite local beer bars, on the way home from some shopping. It's been awhile since we've been here and I'm glad we decided to stop as they had something on tap I've been wanting to try.


Even the skeleton in the floor thinks it's weak. He'd rather stick with his bottle of Dead Guy.


Kim puts it to the hopface challenge and as you can see, it failed miserably.


We next went to the downstairs bar and low and behold they had the imperial version of the Big Daddy on tap. The Double Daddy. This one was a little more hoppy but not by much. It was how the normal IPA should have tasted.


The Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA. I've been wanting to try this for awhile and I gotta say, it was a little disappointing. Too much citrus and not enough hops. Seriously, it tasted closer to a fruit juice than it did an IPA.


Just another rainy day at Kclingers, the #37th best place in America to have a beer according to beeradvocate.com.

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Since it was raining and I had just bought some glassware at Conneaut Lake Park, I headed over to BACT headquarters and poured a drink. The Victory 10 Years Alt was courtesy of FlyerACE1 and SuperEllen. It was excellent.


Victory 10 Years Alt during a rainstorm after visiting Conneaut Lake Park.

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Saturday, from what I can remember:


and then passed out


But I turned into a lush


Heath enjoyed his first tasting of Lindemann's Lambic Framboise


Hoegaarten was on tap for the summer


At Tom's (!*) we opened up the growler of Du Claw Serum


*yes, I was shocked to see Tom alive and well too!


and Heath enjoyed a Chain Link Pilsner


I had a Black Forest Wheat


Heath then went with the Cranberry Imperial Lambic


And Heath enjoyed a Rockwell Red Ale


At BrewWorks I had a Maibock


And then went with the Rogue's Dead Guy Ale


I start out with a Stone Arrogant Bastard


At Which Brew, Heath has a Wailing Wench from Middle Ages


Heath likes the new Hops Infusion


Tasting the eyedropper sample of Double Simcoe at Weyerbacher

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Sunday we did some new breweries in nearby New Hope and Lambertville. I took it a bit easy, but the beer wasn't really that amazing to begin with.


and Tom enjoys the Tripple, since they ran out of the Summer Blonde


Heath doublefists the Belgian Frostbite


and we got to just walk around the whole brewery


You've gotta pay $1 to sample, but you get 4 of them, and generous portions. I enjoy the Hop Hazard IPA


Then it was over to River Horse for some sampling


The Hefeweizen was the best thing there


I went and got the sampler, but only found 2 that I really cared for, the Hefe and the Honey Wheat


Heath went with the Bengal Gold IPA, which had a really weird hop taste to it


At Triumph, Tom had a Honey Wheat, an award winner. It wasn't too too bad

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Saturday, from what I can remember:


Damn, I have a lot of catching up to do. Been insanely busy with the house and family stuff lately but haven't missed out on the beer-sanity. I'll have some pics in the coming days including my enjoyment of the Double Simcoe IPA from Weyerbacher and one of my all time faves- the Rail Mail Rye from Willimantic Brewing Company in CT. A few comments on recent posts...

The boob/naked posts: No comment.

Heath with Hopnotic: Seems like you enjoyed it. I know I do. Definitely has more complex flavors towards the finish.

Tom Smith: glad to see your mug back on this thread

Tom's bar adventure: Derek passed out with a bucket next to his head was priceless! Photo of the year! I also liked the one photo with I assume Kim's middle finger in the background. I swear, I think Kim and Ellen were separated at birth!

Tim's 10 Year Alt: The first photo as part of the new BACT beer rotation program. I believe I had an overload of 10 Year from Derek so I was glad to share. Happy to see you enjoyed it!

BBW: Stopped there for dinner on the way back from the HW trip. That Red was quite enjoyable and much more hoppy than I expected. Other than that, their beers seem to be going down hill lately. Ellen didn't care for her Cranberry Lambic. Steelgaarden is still one of the best beer bar atmospheres.

Janna's post: LOVE it! Don't Stop Believin'!

Random Comment: I have to get my ass to DuClaw, if possible on a release party day, one of these days.

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I also liked the one photo with I assume Kim's middle finger in the background. I swear, I think Kim and Ellen were separated at birth!


Sorry, you'd be wrong. Turns out it was none other than Crazy Jake's middle finger up in the air.


Stupid carbonation and my stomach don't mix. Burped up stuff on Saturday, and I've been burping ever since, for no good reason! I feel like Bender that time he made his own beer in his stomach.

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Uh oh, Wally. You'll have to let us know how that turns out.


Anyway, finally getting around to posting the beer pics from the So Cal trip that Kim and I took last month (May 18th-24th). Although the trip was primarily a coaster one, we made it a priority to try and hit a few of the top ranked breweries and bars in the San Diego area as well. I gotta tell you, we had such a fun time in San Diego and the beer was so good, that we are allready planning a followup trip back there over Labor Day weekend.


By this time my "coaster" enthusiasm was really shining through, so we took off. I gotta say that this was one of the best times I've ever had at a brewery or bar. Just a great vibe and awesome beers. We can't wait to come back.


Finished up with another house beer. The Nightrider Imperial Stout. Fantastic!


Know your hops!


Decided to try a guest beer next. The New Belgium Fat Tire. This ones for you Derek!


By the way, did I mention that they call this place Pizza Port for a reason? Freaking awesome stuff. I could have eaten a couple of these myself.


Next up, I tried their most popular beer. The Carlsbad Chronic. Very sweet and malty. I really dug it!


They had so many taps, they were just sticking out of the wall at some points!;)


Kim tries the Shark Bite Red, the only brew they offer in bottles. Although that will change soon with the new stand alone brewery that they've bought from Stone.


You know what I had to start out with. The Wipeout IPA. San Diego style and it was awesome!


Holy crap, this place had a lot of good stuff on tap, with about 15 house beers and another 15 guest beers on tap.


And then find yourself someplace to sit and chill. Even though the place was pretty packed, we had no problem finding a seat at the bar.


Grab yourself some beer from the bar.


Order and pick up your food at the grub counter.


While the Pizza Port in Solana Beach is higher ranked, we really liked the atmosphere of this one. The set up of all three Pizza Ports is pretty simple.


After arriving on Thursday morning at LAX and stops at Adventure City and Knotts, we made our way south down I-5 towards San Diego. Our first stop was the Pizza Port Brewing Company in Carlsbad.

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We overnighted in Carlsbad and the next morning spent a couple of hours at Legoland. On the way down to San Diego, we still had yet another brewery to hit. The original Pizza Port in Solana Beach. After that, we changed our plans up some.


We had originally planned on continuing down I-5 to San Diego and hitting up Alesmith Brewing (the top ranked brewery in the world over at ratebeer.com) for their afternoon tour and tasting. However, we had such a good time at both Pizza Ports that we decided to backtrack back up the highway and hit the third and final Pizza Port in San Clemente.


I kind of feel bad about skipping out on Alesmith (especially since the San Clemente Pizza Port wasn't as happening as the other two) but I guess that's what return trips to San Diego are for.


In the late afternoon, we finally made it to San Diego and first checked out the Big Dipper and Belmont Park. After that, we had wanted to check out the highly rated beer bar, The Liars Club, which was right down the street. Unfortunately, when we drove past it looked so crowded and there was so little parking available, that we said screw it. We instead checked out another top ranked beer bar in San Diego, O'briens Pub, and it was a good choice. The funny thing is that it's sits at the tail end of this strip mall in what I guess is the San Diego equivelent of Korea Town. Pretty strange location and alas, they had no Korean beers on tap.


I liked the saying on this O'Briens pint glass so much, that I took one home with me. So true. So true.


It was keep the glass night for Lagunitas brews, so I went with the Shut-Down Ale.


I started out with the Russian River IPA.


This place had a reeally cool vibe. Lots of west coast stuff on tap and even though there were lots of people there, it seemed as though you could always get a seat.


As you can see, it sits among a bunch of Korean shops. It's really hard to miss it.


O'Briens Pub.


I finished up with the Pier Rat Porter.


They did have some nice outdoor seating though, where I enjoyed my El Camino IPA. Another west coast style wonder.


Since it was the middle of the afternoon, there weren't too many people there plus as you can see they didn't have as much on tap as the other locations.


The Pizza Port in San Clemente. As you can see, this one had a real Spanish influence to it.


Once again, we had to go for the awesome pizza.


The Swamis IPA. This is the Solana Beach equivelent of the one at Carlsbad and was just as tasty.


Kim enjoys the California Honey Ale.


They had a guest beer on tap that I was really hoping to find. The Russian River Pliney the Elder Double IPA. Excellent!


This one was a lot smaller and even more like a surf shack than the one in Carlsbad. Being lunchtime, it was naturally packed but we still managed to find a table pretty quickly.


The original Pizza Port in Solana Beach.

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Have fun at New Belgium man and make sure to take pics. The last time I was out that way (2 years ago), I wasn't really into the beer thing like I am now. If I went back now, I could plan a trip of nothing but beer around it. Especially if it was around the GABF.

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To finish off the night of California Shorties, one of my favorites, another Pyramid. And with that, I'm off to the UK! Next update, from a London Pub!


Good stuff, but it tastes a little off, I think its been sitting at Shangy's a little too long...2 months past the Enjoy By date


Das es Thunderhead!

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Have fun at New Belgium man and make sure to take pics. The last time I was out that way (2 years ago), I wasn't really into the beer thing like I am now. If I went back now, I could plan a trip of nothing but beer around it. Especially if it was around the GABF.


I'll definitely take pics. Now that they've given us Fat Tire here in Chi-town, I'm hoping they start spreading the love with some Blue Paddle.


Derek, I'm a big fan of the Pyramid Hefeweizen. I haven't been able to find Thunderhead around these parts. I've got some photos of some other local brews to come in the next day or so.

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Derek, you might also check out The Field and Karl Strauss Brewpub, both in downtown San Diego . The Field is an Irish pub and they pour a great pint (I love Smithwycks) and Strauss is a local institution. I like the Trolley Red at Strauss. Have fun in the UK, can't wait to see the pix from the pubs.

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Yeah, there's a LOT of brew places to hit in the SoCal area. The big ones we want to hit are Stone, AleSmith, and the Pizza Ports. I know there's a bunch of other stuff too, probably won't have time to do them all, but we'll try!

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