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Believe it or not, we have NOT sold out yet! Get your tickets now!



I also wanted to mention that if you have signed up for the SFMM day but not signed up for the Knott's Berry Farm day tickets for Knott's are still available!


I some good news and bad news about the Knott's day.


Bad news first - Xcelerator will be closed. I know...I know... The ride is still being worked on after the accident which occurred last summer.


The GOOD news! The park is really making up for this by offerings lots of special perks never before done at any Knott's event!


JUST ANNOUNCED! A member from the Halloween Haunt creative team will be giving a presentation at Knott's! If you are a Haunt fan, you won't want to miss this! Also...


- Backstage tour of Calico Mine Ride *NEVER BEFORE DONE AT KNOTT'S!*

- Backstage tour of the Locomotive Roundhouse *Also never done!*

- Presentation and Q&A session by Knott's management & Halloween Haunt creative team!

- Presentation by S&S World Wide and let's hope they talk about their new 4D coaster and their 2010 Launched coasters!

- Lots of ERT! (Silver Bullet, Ghostrider, Montezoomas, Supreme Scream, Sierra Sidewider, Timberline Twister, more!)

- FOOD! There will be food!

- Free group photo!

- Free Knott's T-Shirt!

- 2 for 1 coupons on the Screamin' Squirrel


The price of the event admission pays for itself with all the free stuff! And if you're worried about the event going too late on a Sunday night remember the park closes at 7pm and ERT ends at 8pm.


Any questions? Email me!


See you at West Coast Bash!


--Robb Alvey



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It sucks that Xcelerator will still be down that day...Havent rode it for over a year. Oh well its not the end of the world!! lol...It sounds like a great day still!!! Looking forward to Knott's!! Again thanks Robb for putting this great event together!!

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As if I couldn't get any more excited for this weekend, I get an email informing me of a Haunt presentation for the Knott's WCB day. Wow, that's awesome! The Knott's day keeps getting better, can't wait for the full details for the event!


Man, this is definitely going to my "Haunt withdrawals" worse than they already are... but I'm not complaining at all.

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Sounds like quite an amazing day you have planned there, Robb. One question, even though you've already spoiled us with quite possibly some of the greatest perks in amusement park history, are you planning on changing up the (I believe) 9-10AM ERT since neither Xcelerator nor Boomerang will be running?

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Oh My God! I now wish I had money to go to both days as I already signed up for SFMM and need my Terminator credit. Wow, Robb, you are a god at planning kick ass events. If I post this at theme park adventure, which I plan to, you may actually see some tickets sell as that is a huge haunt site.

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Oh my goodness!!! There is no way this Bash could be anymore exciting. I'm kinda bummed about Xcelerator though. I've only been on that ride once. But I think if I was anymore psyched for WCB my heart would explode! That just wouldn't be any good at all.

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Kind of wishing we did the Knott's day too now, but alas, already have other plans for that day.

QFT! Stupid family obligations.

We are now only nine days away from Bash, and its all I can think about. The only crappy part is I am guessing the day is gonna fly by with all the kick ass stuff we are doing throughout the day. The good part about that is for the day to fly I must be having the best day ever. Cant wait to meet everyone!

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Early weather forecast for WCB is 67 and sunny for SFMM, 65 and sunny for KBF. That's some damn fine coaster riding weather if you ask me.


Accuweather is now showing cloudy/78 for MM and sunny/69 for Knotts so its even looking better!

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