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  1. Hey, just want to give a shout out to Robb, and the team at Knott's for another great event this year. Always a blast.
  2. The statement says it's a franchise Universal owns themselves. I'm betting on Secret Life of Pets. Secret Life Of Pets would be a decent addition but I don't think it will happen, but I am personally betting more money on that it will somehow be Fast and the Furious franchise! It's their most bankable franchise in history!
  3. Sliver Bullet with 3 Trains now?! When did this happen and where have I been?
  4. Stanley Kubrick directed Doctor Strangelove not Zhivago. But otherwise you're completely right. No one knew of those movies until the internet showed up and a bunch of annoying fanboys started insisting that they were good. Fortunately there are brave souls out there who dare to stand up against cultural elitism, who know quality movies when they see them. Like 'The Purge'. The Purge. One of the worst Horror movies I've ever seen!! Ha. I actually do not even call it a horror flick. I call it a comedy, because it was so bad.
  5. I'm visiting the park for the first time next week. As summer season is well underway, how are the crowds at the park??
  6. Ehh - I wouldn't laugh about roller coasters that make you vomit. That's happened to me as well in 2011 because I A) took too many re-rides and B) did not keep my head facing forward throughout the entire ride. I was flat on my stomach with motion sickness for about an hour, and I had to be taken to first aid as well. That sucks that you had to experience that.... I don't know if you are proned to motion sickness.. But I was talking in general sense here.... I know certain people who are proned to motion sickness and certain rides do bother them or some people I know can't eat and ride any sort of rides.... I just want to see this myth come to light.... As for me some rides get me dizzy pretty quick... But come out of it real quickly and as for mr I'm fine after that... No after effects
  7. "Do rollercoasters make you wanna throw up" or "I hate that clicking noise going up before the first drop..what's the point for that besides to scare me" couple comments I heard people say in real life LOL
  8. Got my tickets for the Knott's Berry Farm day.... Looking foward for it!!!!
  9. Don't matter to me. Just depends when will it be as thursdays and fridays are my days off. But as for me working the themepark world, late june thru labor day is peak season, its kinda harder for me to get days off besides my regualar days off.. But expections can be made for my favorite themeparks lol.....
  10. Finally the dates have came out!!!! lol ......... The dates this year are perfect, because summer season will be over, people will have money to spend and that means the crowds at both parks won't be as busy and as what Robb said as well in the main post, both parks brand new attractions will be open .... Thanks for the update!!!
  11. It'll be a nice refurb to it.....Its a classic ride at SFMM and I think thats why I think its hard for us to see it change to this way... But if their managment seems to think its a good thing and helps with reliablity and cost effective and means more trains to operate then I'm for it... Its a 50/50 ordeal to do a major change like this. But after reading peoples post about Texas Giant and Iron Rattler getting the change and people enjoying it.... Then I'm all for it!! Hopefully its true!!! But only time will tell!!
  12. To us big coaster fans it doesn't sound too exciting. But it's a great addition to the park that's lacking family rides....I do find it pointless though for people to argue over theses attractions over what SFMM is doing with Full Throttle.... Thrill rides is what only Six Flags knows how to do. So thats there stragety plan. While at least for Knott's they want to blend a balance of family stuff and thrill rides for both adults and kids. At least out of the 2 parks. Knott's does have the advantage with the familys now. Just my thought
  13. Does this mean a behind the scenes tour during West Coast Bash next year!?!?! lol..... Ride lookings intersting...I won't say anything for sure until I actually ride it
  14. Didn't expect to hear anything about WCB until next month.. Haha.. Great news!! Can't not wait!! I had to read it twice, becuase the past few years i've been going it was in March. lol But Robb is right, having it on a 3 day weekened like that makes it more easier for a lot of people. As for me work will be slow, so i'll have a better chance of possibly requesting days off that month and that weekened!!
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