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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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Cool little addition...seems like parks are realizing these near-miss elements make the wingriders a better experience.


Agree, I wish Dollywood would find a way to install a keyhole element somehow or another on Wild Eagle.

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"Take a flight into Hell."


SFA should have trademarked this years ago.


I always thought SFA stood for Six Flags Apocalypse, and then when I arrived to find their "new" floorless coaster wasn't called "America", dissapointment and confusion prevailed.


The new sign at Thorpe looks great, exactly what the ride needed as I always felt the near miss with the church wasn't particularly effective.

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Take a Look at the 2013 park map, With billboard and swarm cars backwards, and of coarse Crash Pad. But that's not really worth talking about. Look at X:/ No Way Out or to be better X. It seems they renamed the ride, I also understood that no X's page on the site it mentioned that you run the entire ride backwards and this is removed: http://thorpepark.com/rides/x-no-way-out.aspx What's going on here? Did they only renamed it or did they even reversed the trains making it run forwards? What do you guy's think?

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Nah its the same style they have used for years,Its not like its a hard park to navigate anyway debating whether to go to passholder's day tomorrow as the forecast is for 0 degrees with a windchill of -4 not sure that's coaster riding weather yet

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Murf murf murf murf murf. I could barely understand what the guys were saying in the video.


I thought that the dive drop would be taken a lot more quickly in the back seat, but it looks like it still gives some great hang time.

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