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Favorite pre- 1980's coaster

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The Comet at Great Escape, but it was better when it was situated right next to Lake Erie at Crystal Beach.


Here are my other favorites:


Jack Rabbit at Seabreeze

Thunderbolt at Kennywood

Phoenix at Knoebles Groves

Blue Streak at Cedar Point.

Blue Streak at Caunneaut Lake

Skyliner at Lakemont


As for steel coasters, the Gemini is my favorite.

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This is a tough one. For me, it's probably the Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz, Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's, Space Mountain at WDW, and Steeplechase at Blackpool, at least when it comes to rides that are still operating. I have fond memories of Knott's Wacky Soapbox Racers, as well.


Hmm--should probably mention Blackpool's Wild Mouse, as well.

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I will always love the Galaxy coasters and any other family-sized steel coaster. Now there are getter fewer and fewer of these wonderful coasters left in the world, so methinks they should be placed on the "Endangered Species" list.


"I'm not perfect; I just love to ride!!!"

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Over 25 years old? Well in that case, probably Magnum in two years ! Over 25 years is before 1988, though this thread was made in 2005, where over 25 years is pre- 1980


Seriously, let me think of a few


Wood-Blue Streak, Thunderhawk @ Dorney was pretty good too.


Steel-Gemini, the older Arrow loopers with ejector airtime (Corkscrew @ CP included)

Its been so long since I've been on a Schwarzkopf, but I will probably be going on Mindbender @ SFOG soon.

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Well this turned out to be more interesting than I would've thought. At first I was surprised to see just how overwhelmingly I prefer the newer steelies, but I guess it makes sense since I don't like a lot of the older major steel coasters such as Arrows, and I'm not as attached to the charm or "just plain fun" factor of older steel coasters versus woodies. Plus, I love the newer innovations like launches, more diverse train designs, and 90° or more drops.


Steel: Shock Wave at SFOT, forget the rest (well, most of them)


Wood: Coaster at Playland, with quite a number of decent-to-excellent runners-up

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