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Favorite pre- 1980's coaster

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Hmm...this is actually a good question.


I'll go with what Ted said, Phoenix. But as for coaster that I personally rode before 1980, I'd have to say Montezooma's Revenge. Even today, that thing still kicks ass!!! If Colossus at SFMM was still running how it was in 1978, that would also be on the top of my list, but sadly it hasn't run very good since the mid-1980s. =(


As for other pre-1980 coasters that are on the top of my list:


Shock Wave - SFOT


Space Mountain - WDW

Jack Rabbit - Kennywood


Wild One (if this one even still counts)

Grand National

Mindbender - SFOG


--Robb "Schwarzkopf ruled the late 70s/early 80s!" Alvey

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For wood I am gonna have to say Phoenix.

For steel I have to go with Mindbender at SFOG


Other great rides over 25 that rank near the top of my list would be Gemini, Wild One, CP's Blue Streak, Lesourdsville Lakes Screamin' Eagle, WDW's Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.

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Ive only ridden two coasters built before 1980 and thats Hullámvasút in Vidampark (1922) and Hochschaubahn in Prater park (1950). Hullámvasút was the largest one, and the most exciting one too. It actually had a little bit of airtime in some places, although it wasnt very strong.


I havent been on any steel coasters built before 1980, but Looping Star in Vidampark (1981) was pretty damn good.

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As for coaster that I personally rode before 1980, I guess the only one would be Matterhorn.


As for my favorites that I have ridden since:


Mindbender (SFOG)


Shock Wave (SFOT)

Montezooma's Revenge (Knott's)

Corkscrew (Knott's)


If they were still in good working condition you could also add:

Revolution (SFMM)

Colossus (SFMM)

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I can't believe no one has mentionned The Beast at Paramount King's Island, this wooden still kicks ass !


And I agree with you Robb, Montezooma's revenge is still a very fun and good ride ! Too bad Schwarzkopf didn't made full circuit lauched coaster

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Let's see what pre-80's coasters I've ridden:

-Tornado (Adventureland, IA)

-Demon (SFGAm) (Half '76/'80, I think it counts.)

-Corkscrew (Cedar Point)

-Gemini (Cedar Point)

-Python (Busch Gardens Tampa)

-Thunderbolt (SFNE)


I wasn't alive pre-80's, but my favorite coasters from that era:

Wooden- Tornado, Adventureland, IA

Steel- Gemini, Cedar Point

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